I Don’t Know About You…But I’m Feeling Twenty-Two!

Almost Twenty Two weeks! What a couple of weeks it has been. I had my twenty week appointment last week and it’s confirmed…baby King is a sassy, sweet, precious and beautiful baby GIRL! Yes, I already know all these things about her. I have finally started to feel her move, which is one of the strangest and coolest things in the world. I’m still having a  lot of, “What the heck is going on?” moments, but I’m getting more comfortable and used to the weirdness.


I’m so excited about having a girl. A boy would have been fun, but I would have been very confused about what to do with a boy. I know girls better. I’m already thinking about all the things I hope she gets to experience. I hope she is spunky and funny, I hope she learns how to love so fiercely it scares her, I hope she is crazy passionate about something whether it is sports, music, school or anything else she may decide to love.  I just can’t wait to watch her learn about the world and become a beautiful, special and caring woman. Very exciting.

I’ve been modifying more than usual the last couple of weeks in the gym. I’m almost twenty-two weeks into this pregnancy thing. Twenty two!  Kipping is done. I’m working strict movements. I’ve been doing strict pull ups in WODs and also static holds over the bar at the end of my strength pull up sets. My goal is to keep my upper body STRONG. I’m starting a circuit of a lot of isolation and pressing this week. . My goal is to go through this three to four times a week.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure I can come back strong! Yesterday I did this for the first time…

Six Rounds

10 Reps Bench Press 95#

10 Reps DB Curls 25#

10 Reps DB Row 30#

16 Walking Lunges

While this doesn’t look like a lot, I’m not used to the isolation. I should be doing this a lot more. I did shoulder presses in class that day so normally those will be in the routine as well. I also plan to add weight to my lunges. The weight was a little light, but I was just playing around trying to see what worked. I want to come up with something that is automatic.

Squatting still feels fine, but I know soon enough that will probably change. My squat sets are heavy enough to feel like it’s working, but not that I’m straining too much. I love my leg strength and I’ve been really nervous about losing it. I’ve added sled pulls and prowler pushes back into my routine now that the weather is getting nice. I love that burn!

Yesterday was a very strange day for me. I knew this day was coming, but I wasn’t quite ready for it. I am no longer doing push ups from my toes….I did knee push ups. I was being a bit stubborn about it. I’ve been doing hand release push ups and making sure I don’t come down too hard on my stomach, but now that I really do have a little bump those are out the window. Knee Push Ups were surprisingly still difficult. I was happy about that. My plan is to go to ring push ups. Ring push ups are hard and I can still get really good range of motion. Something new and different!

The cool thing is, I feel awesome. I can breathe like a pro, I have energy when I work out and I’m really motivated. A group is starting Whole 30 on Monday so I’m joining in on a very modified basis. Basically, the goal is to make myself cook at home. I’ve already been cooking at home more this week. I forget how much I enjoy it and how good I feel when I’m in the kitchen. Veggies have been the one thing that has been hard for me to eat a lot of during this pregnancy so I’m ready to get them back in the mix.

In other news….our regional is next weekend. I’ve been having moments of sadness, excitement and straight up annoyance as we prepare to send our team and the events are released. I’ve obviously accepted the fact that I won’t be competing, but I’m still going to have a hard time watching everyone else do it. I’ve loved getting to help our team prepare. They are going to be amazing. If I’m being honest, I’m not super sad I’m missing the legless rope climbs. I am, however, excited to tackle those come October! Good luck to these folks. Love you guys more than you know. Thanks for being you. Go crush Chicago for me!




Baby K at the Combine

     This past weekend I headed to Dallas, Texas for the NPFL Combine. For those of you who haven’t heard of the NPFL (which is most everyone outside of the CrossFit world), this is a professional fitness league. It’s basically professional CrossFit in a team setting. There are currently five teams in the organization and three more that should be finalized in the next few weeks. The League is hosting four combines across the country to pick athletes for the official draft this summer. I was invited to the Dallas combine to come tryout. How cool is that! 

     I emailed them prior to make sure it was OK for me to participate even though I am pregnant. I knew going in I was going for the experience, not to compete for a spot. I got the OK from them to participate and decided to just go for it. Why not? I wasn’t going to do anything stupid. I wasn’t going to push myself. I just wanted to be there and know that I put myself out there. 

     I showed up Friday for the girls combine day. The set up was pretty cool. There were  different sections for different types of tests. We had all day to go through as many stations as we wanted. My plan was to hit six or seven of them and cheer on the other ladies. I was going to do muscles ups, chest to bar pull ups, double unders, pistols, farmers carry and the overhead squat. I had toyed with the idea of doing the shuttle run and WOD, but was going to see how the day went before I made the decision. 

     When I walked in I saw a group of my lady CrossFit friends. I have so many rock star friends…it is crazy.  I heard a “Oh my gosh you really came” and then a lot of congratulations. It was pretty cool. It is so fun to look at the group of girls that were there and how a bunch of us started competing together at the same time. Kara Paslay was the only other Oklahoma gal that was there. It was wonderful to spend the day with her. She absolutely crushed it. 

     I got to hang out with my friends Candice Ruiz and Holly Mata who I have known since 2010. They have both been to the Games and are freaking amazing. Candice and I met at the Oklahoma sectional in Tulsa and Holly and I met at the 2010 regional. We were all laughing about how far we had come since then. In 2010 Holly couldn’t do a muscle up and used a sticky tape on the rings to see if it helped. She said didn’t. Now she is a Games athlete and all around rock star. She power snatched 165# on Friday. POWER SNATCHED. That’s all I have to say about Holly. I met the incomparable Kat Anderson at the 2011 Regional in Chicago when she was still at CrossFit Omaha. Now she is in Texas tearing up the South Central region. We had a good time. 


     We had no timeline. No schedule. It was up to each of us individually to do what we wanted, when we wanted. I started with double unders. I did 125 in ninety seconds. I did my first 82 unbroken. Not bad. I took some longer breaks than normal because I don’t breathe the way I did five months ago. Next up was muscle ups. I got five in ninety seconds. I’m still just so happy I can do them and string a few together. Muscle Ups have gotten really awkward in the last few weeks. In Open WOD 14.4 I did five muscle ups with 1:23 left to go in the WOD. It’s crazy to think about how different it is now. Five muscle ups fresh felt like a chore compared to how they felt at the end of a WOD four weeks ago. 

     The overhead squat was the only lift I decided to do. I chose it because it is my favorite lift and it is the one I feel the most comfortable with right now. I don’t have to strain with it the way I have to do with any other squat or deadlift. I have squatted 195# for a single and last year at Regionals I squatted 185# for a double. After overhead squatting 165# on Friday I went for 170#. I didn’t get below parallel and then missed it two more times. It’s really hard right now because my mind is having a hard time getting over the fact that my body can’t do the things it used to. 165# is a great number on an overhead squat, it is just one that I am used to doing for multiple reps.  I feel like I’m two different people when it comes to this stuff. I want to be really safe, and I am being very safe. On the other side, I’m insanely competitive. It was hard to be with the girls I’m used to being competitive with and not being able to hold a candle to them. I’m not used to that and I’m not sure I will ever get used to it. This is my 165# OHS. Easy breezy. 


    We had lunch, did a lot of laughing and then went on to finish up our day. I started the afternoon with pistols. These were fun. I didn’t get a crazy number. I think 17 on each side in forty five seconds. The plan was to do chest to bar pulls ups and the farmers carry next. I started warming up for my pull ups and felt something go weird in my shoulder. It kind of shocked me. I stood there for a bit shaking it around, got back on the bar, and couldn’t get the pull to get my chest to the bar. My arm was tingly and my hand felt super funny. I was so angry. They had felt so great that morning. I should have just done them then. I decided to skip them and call it a day. I didn’t want to put up a super sub par number or injure myself. 

     I struggled all day with feeling like I shouldn’t have been there. I joked about my numbers being low and unimpressive.  I didn’t do a good job of really owning the fact that I was 19 weeks pregnant and doing what I was capable of doing. I kept thinking, “Well, if I was really myself I would have done this…” It was frustrating. Kody showed up for the afternoon and tried his best to be encouraging. Sometimes I’m not very nice and I may not have been as sweet and appreciative of his support as I should have been. 

    I joked all weekend about just being there for the shirt. I got invited to Sunday to participate in the trial team events. I declined to come back because I knew there were going to be a lot of things I could not do and I did not want to hold up the team. It was pretty exciting to get asked back and I did get another cool shirt! 


     I did the NPFL for the same reason I went through The Open. I love this stuff. I want to be a part of everything I can be a part of even though I’m pregnant. I want to keep my life as normal as I can, however, I know things are always changing. Each week it gets a little different. I’m getting a little bump. It’s so weird, scary and exciting. I look at myself now and think, “Oh, I’m really pregnant!” Some days that feels like a good thing and some days it makes me feel really insecure. I know I’m doing all the right things. I’m being very smart and very cautious. It’s hard to not want to push the envelope. I got so sad watching girls do handstands, handstand push ups and bar muscle ups. I haven’t and wont touch those movements again for at least five months. Baby K is happy about that! We find out the sex of Baby K next week. I get the full baby body scan which I’m a little anxious about, but confident it will all be OK. I still love my support system with all of my heart. I simply have the greatest family and friends in the world. 

It’s Starting to Feel Real

This was a pretty interesting week in the life of a pregnant me. I was so excited to get my muscle ups. I think muscle ups are so fun and I’ve been pretty excited I can still do them. I think 14.4 has most resembled a regional workout as far as Open WODs are concerned to date.

My first thought when this came out was, “I hope I make it to the muscle ups”. 50 toes to bar, no matter how great you are at them, really suck. Let’s be honest, not many people probably were jumping up and down at the idea of doing 50 in a row. I’m used to seeing that at regionals. I’m used to training for that specific quantity during regional prep. I have NOT been doing toes to bar in a way that was going to make 50 feel easy. Ugh. Toes to bar are also the first movement that I have really been able to feel a difference in since I became pregnant. I have to work a lot harder to pull my feet up. I know my core is still there, it has just changed a little (or maybe a lot…I’m still in denial).

My approach to 14.4….

  • Finish the row in 4:00 to 4:15
  • Toes to bar in sets of 5’s, 3’s, 2’s and singles….lots of singles
  • Wall Balls 10-10-8-7-5
  • Singles on all cleans

The Row…

I’m notorious for being the last off the rower. It usually pays off because then I can keep a nice, fast pace. This week I was just slow on the row and then kinda kept that pace the entire WOD. I sang to myself a lot. Britney’s “Break the Ice” was on, which is one of my favs, so I enjoyed that part. I yelled things like “I’m so bored” and “This sucks” a couple of times. I had to entertain myself somehow.

Toes to Bar…

Lalalalala  I did two sets of 5’s, 3’s until about 30 and then singles. Oh my goodness, they got so hard for me. My grip was fine. My breathing was fine. My midsection was like, “Hey…there is a super tiny human in here, can you please cool it with all the crunching?” I got through them in a much longer amount of time than I would have liked, but at least I finished them.

Wall Balls…

Hooray! I’m the weird person that actually likes Wall Balls. It’s strange because I’m not tall. I also really like thrusters. I’m just “that girl”. These were fine. I wish they could have gone on forever. That nine foot target rocks my face off.

Power Cleans…

I’m not sure how many people felt this way, but 95# felt like 135# to me. Single, single, single. They took me a good three minutes. Blah. I finished the cleans at 12:37 leaving me just over a minute for…


This is usually just like play time for me. This time, it felt like work. Kody was next to me telling me to put my hands on the rings, counting me back in and all that good stuff. I ended up with five solid reps! I was pretty excited to knock out that many in such a short amount of time in my current state. I felt very accomplished. Not only did I think I put up a good score “for me”, but also a really good score in general!

My final score was 185. Tie break of 12:37 (I think).


Now to keep it real…

I did this WOD twice. It was such a bad idea. I did really well the first time. I remember saying to myself that I wasn’t sure I could do any better. I really wanted to get to eight muscle ups. Normally I would have been shooting for at least fifteen or more. I’ve never done an Open workout twice and not done better. I thought for sure I could at least get one more rep or a faster tie break. I ended up only being six seconds faster on the tie break and I got two muscle ups. I missed four. Missed. I haven’t missed muscle ups, let alone that many in a WOD since I was learning them. It made me angry. I was angry I let myself do it again. I was angry because three days later it felt a lot harder. I was angry because I knew it was all happening…Baby K was really trying to slow me down. I listened. It worked. I’m accepting it.

This week has sucked. It’s the first week that I’ve really felt a lot different in the gym. Before I’ve felt pretty much like me, just that I have to move a little slower and everything feels a little heavier. This week I felt different. Toes to bar took a ton of effort. Even keeping my pace down on the rower, I felt a lot more taxed than normal. I had to break longer on my wall balls and cleans. And the muscle ups, oh the muscle ups, I fought for dear life to get on top of each one. I don’t kip very big on my muscle ups in general, that isn’t super helpful right now. I’m actually a very good muscle upper. I consider it one of my stronger movements, especially when I’m tired. Multiple people came up to me after the wod and said, “I’m not really sure how you got on top of any of those.” Ha!

It’s been depressing. I know that sounds silly. Hi, I’m pregnant. I’ve known that for a while now. I’ve just been thinking I would keep feeling slower, I never really expected things to actually get a lot harder. This is about the time when I think my body is about to really start looking different and it’s going to be a lot more real. I’m trying to prep myself mentally for that and I think I’m getting there.

I keep telling Kody that I feel bad that every time I blog I’m so “woe is me…I’m getting slow…blah blah blah”, but it is pretty therapeutic. The fact is, I’m so excited to become a mom. I can’t wait. I’m super happy. It’s also really weird knowing that everything is about to change. My life, my sleep patterns, my social life, my body…all of it. Anyone that says they are totally cool with all of it the whole time is lying. I just vocalize it…a lot. I don’t feel like it is negativity, just honestly about the massive changes I’m going through. It’s a lot to take in no matter how prepared you feel to become a parent.

I’m starting to see a little belly. I’m almost 17 weeks right now. I’m hoping it will all feel a lot more real once I can really see it, but also I’m having fun still wearing my regular clothes. I’m not sure how much longer that will last! I had my last check up on Wednesday and everything is wonderful. I have gained a total of three pounds. I know, it isn’t much. However, I know I’ve lost muscle so I think it is all just redistributing. I’m not really paying attention to the scale, I just want to be healthy.

I’m still exhausted in the afternoon. I’m getting really dehydrated. I have done absolutely nothing to actually prepare for a child in my home. The baby’s room is still a guest room. I know nothing about registering. I have a bunch of baby books I think I should be reading, but haven’t because I keep wanting to start Divergent…and I haven’t done that either. I have pregnancy brain like crazy. I will make three lists and forget to look at any of them. I feel like a really weird version of me and it just makes me laugh. Pregnancy is kinda cool and also super weird. The weirdest part…I’m almost half way through it.

Here is to the last week of the Open! May your burpees be fast and your thrusters be powerful!

I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Oh my gosh….if I have an EVER favorite WOD from past regionals it is the 21-15-9 Deadlift / Box Jump WOD. I love it with all my little heart. In 2011 I finished 5th (4:26) and in 2013 when it was repeated I finished 5th again (3:45).  If I loved the OHS/C2B combo last week, I was in flippin heaven when 14.3 was announced. I have craved a heavy DL Open WOD for years. I just wish it had a been year I could really go for it!

Last year we learned that for a lot of people, box steps were much more efficient than box jumps. I’m a pretty good box jumper, especially at 20 inches, so stepping is pretty awkward, but it absolutely saves energy which is super smart. We tested with three athletes just after the 14.3 announcement. They averaged around 4.6 seconds slower with steps than fast jumps. We decided to encourage all of our athletes to go the step route. It seemed to work well. I’m blown away by how my calves are still sore.

Again, I did the WOD twice. The nice thing about 14.3 was that my lungs were never an issue. I still broke it up a lot and the box step ups really allowed me to control my heart rate. It was really hard to restrain myself on this one, but I did. I was basically salivating during the announcement. Each week we all try to predict what the WODs will be based on the athletes doing the demo. When they said it was Stacie Tovar, I immediately called Kody and said, “Deadlift/Box Jump”. He didn’t believe me. He was convinced it was a muscle up WOD because she always crushes those (Yes, Stacie, you are a muscle up rock star).  I was very happy when I was right. I’m never right about those things…he always is.

My first attempt took place at CFOKC on Friday. I wasn’t really sure how far I would get. The one thing I have really pulled back on since becoming pregnant is deadlifts. It is the one movement my husband was the most hesitant about…especially heavy. I haven’t deadlifted anything over 155 in a WOD in two months and that has been very limited. I was shocked at how 135# and 155# felt. Normally I go through Diane unbroken (21-15-9 DL 155#/HSPU). The fact that I had to break 155# up into 5’s was shocking and threw me a little. 185# I went to 3’s and then a few 2’s and a lot of singles with some really, really long breaks. I finished my “box jumps” before 205# at 7:33. I loaded the bar to 205# and pulled it three times. I was happy with my score. I had no reason not to be, but I was a little frustrated because I still felt OK cardiovascularly…it had just felt sooooo much heavier than I expected.


First attempt at 14.3. Thanks Monica Trosclair for this cool shot!

I knew I was going to do it again. I traveled to Tyler, Texas to visit my husband for the weekend. He is there doing some trauma work at their hospital. I visited Premier CrossFit on Monday for my second shot at 14.3. The Mr. has gotten to know a few CrossFitters at the hospital so they called the owner for me to see if I could drop in for the WOD. It turned out all their coaches were meeting at 2PM that Monday to WOD together. One thing most people probably don’t know about me and may not believe is that I am really, really shy. If I am somewhere new and I don’t know anyone I become a wall flower. I usually hang by myself until someone talks to me and makes me feel comfortable. I’m exactly opposite when I am somewhere I am comfortable. I’m usually pretty loud and probably obnoxious. Anyway, we got there and I went into my own little Ginny world for a bit. Some of the girls showed up and made me feel really comfortable. Amanda Schwartz (South Central stud athlete) and I got to chat which was cool. She has finished in the same spot as me at regionals. We both know the sting of that dreaded 4th position. A super sweet girl, Hayle, ended up being my judge. She was awesome and cheered me on. I felt right at home. Thanks for making me fee like a part of the crew!


Pre WOD “Me” time.

The game plan the second time around was to just hold onto the bar better. I did my 135# unbroken, 155# 8-7-5, 185# 3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1, 205# pull for dear life. I finished with 143, ten more reps than my previous attempt. I was thrilled! In a non pregnant world I probably would have treated each round as the round before it. I would pull much bigger sets at 185# and keep 205# at 3’s and 2’s. I like to think I would have finished 205# and gotten into the box jumps and possibly had a few attempts at 225#. I cannot wait to do this one again in a year and see what I can do!


14.3 at Premier CrossFit in Tyler, Texas.

I’m feeling more and more comfortable with being pregnant. I still have a lot of days when it is really strange and I get frustrated with what I cannot do. Then I remember how cool it is that I can still do so many awesome things! Yesterday during our class WOD at CFOKC we did muscle ups. A sweet friend of mine, Mindi (just had her second child), came up to me immediately after I finished and told me how awesome it was that I was doing muscle ups at almost 16 weeks pregnant! Instead of being depressed that they felt awful, slow and much harder than I wished, she snapped me back to reality that I am doing muscle ups at 16 weeks pregnant. Sweet. I’m trying this thing where I use more positive self talk when I talk to myself about how I look, how my body is changing and how I feel in general. It can be hard, but it is helping!

Im currently sitting in 167th in the region and 1920th in the world. A far cry from the numbers I am used to, but they are numbers I am very proud of! I just want to keep doing my best as the me I am now. I’ve loved competing with my gym each week. I’m actually getting very sad it is almost over.

I’m super excited to see what tonight’s 14.4 announcement is! Chip away!

Open Week 2

Two weeks of the Open down and three to go! Tonight the third WOD will be revealed. I’m pretty excited.

First, I have to say this is my absolute FAVORITE Open WOD to date! Not necessarily in practice (because it hurts), but in concept. I love these two movements, I love the work to rest ratio component and I love that it just flat out sucks. I wish with my whole heart I could have gone after this one “as me”, but as me + 1 was still pretty fun.

I knew my chest to bar pull ups were out of practice, but I didn’t realize how much. I’ve been working strict pull ups to keep my strength up and I’ve been doing regular butterfly and kipping pull ups a few days a week. I have done chest to bar probably twice since I found out I was preggo over ten weeks ago. That is a long time to not work that type of movement, especially as your body mass changes and your strength starts to decrease. Ugh. Last year during 13.5 (Chest to Bar and Thrusters) I had really just gotten the butterfly down. I could hold them in sets of five for a bit. At HOA this year I did an unbroken set of 20 Chest to Bar after a hideous front rack walking lunge. Believe me, it is something I had been working on. I’m so mad at myself for letting them go the way I have.


This is me during 13.5 having the time of my life butterflying C2B!

Regardless, this WOD was going to be fun. I would have loved to get through the 16’s, but not many girls in our region got that far. This WOD worked in my favor in the beginning as well because I knew I was going to get rest. I wasn’t going to have to push it too hard through the first two rounds. Baby K was happy about that!

I did the WOD on Friday morning in-between two of our morning classes. I was shocked at how many people stuck around to watch me. There is something about that visual that gives me chills. The support everyone receives at CrossFit OKC during the Open, regardless of who they are, is pretty cool. I know it would be easy for people to write me off this year and not be too concerned with my scores, but they all stayed and they all cheered. It makes me a little emotional to think about…mainly because I’m a raging ball of hormones, but it still makes my heart happy. I love those people and all the support they have given me as I try to still be involved.

The first set of tens went fine. I did five and five on my pull ups. Looking back, I probably should have done shorter sets. I had a ton of time and I didn’t realize how fast I was gonna lose my butterfly. The round of 12’s I did 5-4-3, 5-4-3 on my pull ups. I still had over a minute to rest. I took a lot of time between the OHS and beginning the pull ups. I was focused on keeping my heart rate down and not burning out.

The rounds of 14 hated me. It was so sad. I went to singles my last few reps of my first set of 14. I finished the 14’s with two seconds to spare. Drew was judging me. I looked at the clock, said a not very polite word, giggled and said, “I’m gonna rest for a bit”. I waited a full minute before picking up the bar to start my 16s. I finished with 173 reps. I was really happy with the score because I knew I did what I could. I knew I couldn’t have expected much more out of my pull ups because I haven’t been doing them. I was really happy to be done.

The problem with me doing the WODs early in the week is that I have a lot of time to think about what I think I could have done different. This would be OK if I was a normal me right now, but I’m not. Of course I would have done a million things different if I wasn’t growing human. I wouldn’t have sat there for a minute in my round of 16s before starting…that’s for sure. I almost redid the WOD. Not for my own score (I’m getting over worrying about the number), but because I wanted to get some more points for our team. The intelligent person in me won out this week and I didn’t redo the WOD. My hands were pretty happy with my decision.

14 weeks pregnant and I finished 106th in the region on this WOD. I’m now 222nd in the region after two weeks. I cut my ranking in half this week. Hooray! I’m now a day or two shy of being 15 weeks pregnant. I’m ready to get some burpees and push ups out of the way before the belly starts to pop out! I would like a week or two before muscle ups show up in a WOD. I have only done them twice since I found out was pregnant and one of those times was Tuesday. They did not go so well compared to what I’m normally able to do. I know it isn’t because I’m worse at anything, it is just because I haven’t been doing a lot of those things and that is OK.

I want to thank each of you that has commented on Facebook, the blog, messaged me or texted me over the last two weeks. It seems silly to say that I have needed the support, but I have and I wish each of you could see the smile on my face when I read your kind and supportive words. No one can really prepare you for how different pregnancy makes you feel physically and emotionally. To everyone that has done this before, cheers to you. All you mamas out there that stay busying working and work hard to stay healthy are amazing examples to people like me. Thank you.

Lastly, a big HOORAY to my awesome K2DHR2 teammates for crushing 14.2. It has been a struggle watching my team go through the Open without me and knowing I won’t get to be on the floor with them in Chicago this year. You guys are amazing athletes and I’m really excited to see what you do this year. I love you awesome nerds. And I cried a little typing that…the end.


Onto the next week!

Open Week One…Well Hello, Pride.

The Open is here! The Open is here! For all you CrossFitters out that you know this can be a fun, crazy and weird couple of weeks. Typically after week one we get most of the jitters out and then it is business as usual.  Watching the leader board so far after this first week, I have a feeling this year may be a little more interesting than years past!

I made the decision to do the Open even though I am pregnant for lots of reasons. I’m pregnant, not injured. I can still do a lot of things like I normally do, just slower. I know there are things I may not be able to do by the time they show up and I also know I won’t be able to go through  the WODs with my normal intensity. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t participate! I preach it to our members all the time, just be part of the community. Do your best and that is all that you can ask of yourself. That is what I am going to do!

Another reason I decided to do the Open this year is because our gym made the decision to try to qualify two teams for regionals. We have so many phenomenal athletes at CFOKC. If I can help one of our teams at all during the Open, I want to be able to do that. I know I won’t be a “factor” this year, but I still want to be a part of the team. It helps me feel connected to what is going on and motivates me.

I will not lie, I went into the first week thinking I could still put up a fairly decent, maybe even semi competitive score.  In the last three years I have finished 3rd, 4th and 6th in the Open. After week one, I am sitting in 433rd. I have said that number out loud to myself about fifteen times today. It stings a little bit. I know that seems silly, but I’m going to be brutally honest. Even though I’m growing a human, it is a little hard see all those names in front of mine. I have nothing to prove, I just really love to compete. The competitor in me is screaming. The realistic, logical, smart individual in me is saying, “Good job, GK. You did what you could do and Baby K is happy”. I need to listen to that girl.

I did 14.1 twice. I haven’t done an Open WOD twice since the first year of the Open. The last two years they have all been one and done. When this WOD was announced in 2011 I did it three-time. Three. My husband says it was four…it was probably four. It was awful. I never improved very much and it made me very angry every single time. To this day, I refer to this WOD as my least favorite Open WOD of all time. I was super excited to see it again, except not at all.

I wore a heart rate monitor. I’m trying to be really good and listen to my doctor and keep my heart rate as close to 140 as possible. The funny thing is that even when it shoots to about 140 I feel fine. It is hard to judge what is too much and when I could push a little more. I spent a lot of time during my first go looking at my watch, taking deep breaths and answering math problems. My husband sat next to me and just started saying, “Ginny, what’s 3 x 3?” I would snatch and yell, “9!”. He proceeded up the multiplication table and would try to throw me off every now and then. The goal was to keep me conversational. It worked. I finished with 266, well under my 302 from 2011. My goal was to hit 300 so both of our teams would have three girls over that 300 mark. I had so much left in me it was ridiculous.

I left the gym feeling good and then later in the day I was just annoyed. Why did it bother me so much that I hadn’t hit that number? It was just a pride thing. I knew that. I was smart during the WOD. I was 13 weeks pregnant. What did I really expect to happen? I decided to do it again because I knew I had a little more in me and could still stay in my safe range for Baby K. That is and will continue to be my absolute priority. No number is worth risking my child. I did the WOD a second time with my good friend Monica. We both wanted 300. We were rep for rep most of the WOD. My husband paced me and still asked me math questions. I was delighted to get 301! I felt fine afterwards. I was breathing like I had been throughout any other workout I had done while pregnant. I felt like I found a very good balance.

I want to continue to be smart and enjoy the Open. Everyone at CFOKC has been really supportive of my participating in the Open. I got this wonderful text from a friend at the gym who came to cheer us on Saturday even though she had already completed the WOD the day before.

Hey Lady! You did awesome this morning. I know it is hard for you to not just kill a WOD, but I love how you are aware and are taking extra care of yourself and that sweet baby girl.

There was more, but I won’t share all of it. It made my heart so happy and was such a good reminder to keep my head where it needs to be. P.S. I still don’t know I’m having a girl, I just call the tiny human a she.

Onward and upward! Like I said, CFOKC has two teams this year. One team is sitting in 20th and one in 70th. All of our athletes are really excited and enjoying themselves. I love seeing everyone so motivated and ready to work. This is why the Open is fun. This is why I want to be a part of it again this year. This is why I will continue to show up each week and do my best and be 100% happy with what I’m able to do.

I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant now and I will be 17 weeks pregnant by the end of the Open. I can’t even believe it. I feel so blessed that everything is going so well and I’m still able to do what I love to do. Here is to a great 14.2 week for everyone! Have fun and be awesome!


Hey Colorado, Heyyy


I’m playing in Keystone, Colorado this week. We had this trip planned way before the gummy bear made her presence known. Don’t worry, I got the full blessing from my awesome doctor before I came. She told me to “take it easy” which means I’m restricted to greens and blues and lots of breaks. It is kind of torturous.

I have been skiing once or twice a year almost every year of my life since I was five. That is twenty six years. I ski everything and love it with all my heart. There is nothing quite like cruising down the mountains with music in your ears just taking in all the beauty and awesomeness around you. I still get to enjoy that part, just not all the powder, bumps and super sweet steep stuff.

Good news is, today went awesome. I only fell once walking to the gondola. It was special. I say all of this because I’m really having to come to terms with all the changes my body is going through and I am having to make to be sure I’m healthy and safe.

Last week was rough for me. I was frustrated at the gym. I see all these great things people are doing and everyone prepping for The Open and the regional. It makes my heart ache. I already miss lifting and pushing myself to really cool places.

I have to fall in love with my new body and everything that is happening to it. Right now I look in the mirror and I hardly recognize myself. Sure, I’m being a little dramatic, but honest. I don’t look very different yet, but I feel very different.

Today on the mountain I felt so tired. Baby K did a number on me! Maybe the brownie I had with lunch didn’t help.

I traded in the usual post slope hot tub and beer for a not very heated pool and bottle of water. I was mad about not being able to be in the hot tub so I went into the fitness center and did dumbbell curls and presses while my dad and cousin enjoyed the awesome weather.

I may sound down. I’m not. I don’t always adapt well to change. Today was more eye opening than I thought it would be about the real changes that are happening to me. Yikes.

I’m still feeling really good. I’m excited to almost be through my first trimester. I’m very much looking forward to the rumored burst of energy I will have soon. Bring it on!