About Me

Hi. I’m Ginny. I’m a CrossFit addict. I love to compete, but mostly with myself. My goal over the next year is to track my progress as I strive to become stronger and faster. I started competing in CrossFit in 2009 not really knowing a great deal about what I was getting into and where it would lead me. I am a Level 1 Trainer at CrossFit OKC in Edmond, Oklahoma. I most recently finished eighth at the North Central Regional Reebok CrossFit Games Qualifier. I’m looking forward to becoming an all around better athlete over the next year and seeing where that can take me.

Outside of CrossFit I am a business owner, King Media, and a wife to my husband Kody. I grew up as a competitive swimmer, softball and soccer player. I went on to play softball at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City.

I have a sweet tooth, but do my best to “eat clean” even though I have the occasional craving for Twizzlers and cherry sours. I like to dance in between back squat sets and I make crazy faces when I workout. I love seeing our athletes become stronger, more confident and push themselves beyond what they think they can do.

I want to be stronger and faster.


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