Great Good Fine OK

I’m sitting at the gym in between my morning classes that I coach on Thursday mornings. It is just me, Stella girl and my lovely friend Megan Kite who just spent thirty minutes helping me figure out my laptop. I have zero technical or electronic skills. Zero. Did you know that your wireless adapter can be erased from your computer? Well it can…and it is super annoying. Now that it is fixed, I can finally write this post.

I’m moving.

It’s official.


I have not so secretly dreaded this possibility for a few years. I always knew when Kody finished residency that there was a possibility that we would not be staying in Oklahoma City. I never thought it would really happen. Especially after having Stella, it felt like we were finally settled. This is where she would have her life. She would go to the same schools I did, she would be friends with my friend’s children, all would be right with the world.  I know I may sound incredibly dramatic, but that’s part of my charm.

This has been a long road. Four years of medical school, five years of residency and three moves….now four. For a non military family, it sure feels like we have made our trek around the country. Now we are going to add the south to our list of homes.

Kody has accepted a job in Cookeville, Tennessee. It is one hour east of Nashville and eleven hours east of home. We aren’t leaving somewhere we have lived for four and a half years, we are leaving home. I grew up in Oklahoma. I’ve been here since I was a year old,  minus our four and half year tour we did in Tulsa and Michigan. I know everything will be fine. I know life goes on and I will make new friends and make wonderful memories, but that doesn’t make leaving any easier.

Those close to me know the last couple of years have been anything but smooth sailing. I have people here that have stood by me through the really good and the really ugly. Those people that have never left my side, that have believed in me and been there 100%, leaving you is going to be hard. Outside of Kody and I, Stella has been blessed to have many parents. She is so loved. It makes my heart so full to see the people around us that love her like Kody and I do. How did we get so lucky? Not only to be blessed with such a wonderful daughter, but with friends that love her like their own. That will be one of the hardest things about being gone. I want her to grow up knowing you.

CrossFit changed my world seven years ago. I never thought it would give me so much. Not only did it give me a way to continue to be an athlete, but it gave me another family. I sent the email about my departure two days ago to all the members of CrossFit OKC. It was a hard four paragraphs to write. I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m walking out on them. Watching everyone succeed and grow has given me so much joy. I love you people and you will never know how much you will be missed.

Kody has worked so hard for this. We have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity in Tennessee. He finally gets to do what he set out to do when he went to college fourteen years ago. It makes me tired just thinking about it. He graduates on Saturday. Insanity. It’s over. Nothing about residency is easy, as a resident or as a family member of a resident. You learn to be very independent, which can be good and bad. I’m not sure how friends of mine have done it with multiple children. You ladies are amazing.

There are some pretty cool things in store for me in Tennessee. I will be at CrossFit Mayhem. I’m going to get to train with some of the best. What a God thing this has been. Not only for such a great job, but also something for me. I will have the opportunity to focus on Stella and training and not worry about working right away. Unpacking probably won’t be on the to do list because anyone that knows me knows that I still have unpacked boxes in my house from four years ago. Some things just shouldn’t change. It would be very “un-Ginny” of me.

I’m going to be closer to some friends and family that I haven’t seen in a long time. I will be near the music capital which for me is something to jump up and down about. I may end up in Nashville every weekend. My concert stub collection is going to become epic. Plus, Tennessee is gorgeous. I can’t wait to play outside and enjoy everything it has to offer. There are a lot of really exciting things about the move. It will just take time to adjust.

So, in about six weeks we will leave Oklahoma. My home. The good thing about home though is that you can always come back. So it won’t be a good-bye, but more of a “see you when I see you”.

I love you awesome nerds.


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