I did it! I had a baby! A really cute one…

Stella Robin King was born at 4:54 PM on Saturday, August 30th in Oklahoma City. She was 7lbs 1oz and 19 inches long. She was eight days early and came into the world cool as a cucumber.


I really like telling the story of how it all went down because it was exactly as it should have been.  I went in Friday, the 29th, for my “hopefully” last appointment. I was dilated to a 4 1/2, which is about what I had been the week before. I was dilated to a 3 at week 36. I honestly couldn’t believe I was still pregnant at 39 weeks based on how long I had been having contractions and been dilated. But, in true Stella fashion, she did what she wanted when she wanted. I don’t know anyone else like that…  (me, I’m being sarcastic…I’m like that).

Saturday morning I was having stronger contractions and much more regular. I was texting my doctor all morning asking dumb questions like “is it a real contraction if it feels like this…” I wasn’t convinced I really knew what the real thing would feel like. Our bags had been packed and loaded into the car. I told Kody I was pretty sure I was going to go to the hospital that afternoon based on how I felt. We were heading up to the gym to run a competitors workout, but first we had to get donuts and stop by Target. I really wanted a Polaroid camera for the hospital. I love Polaroid baby photos. I got my camera and we headed to the gym.

We walked into CrossFit OKC around 11:20. The team stuff was starting at 11:30. I felt awful. My contractions had been consistent since 7 am, but were still not on regular intervals other than they kept happening. They were lasting about 30 to 45 seconds and every time I was laugh/crying. You know, the kind were you wiggle around and you hurt, but you know you look stupid so you laugh? Yeah, that.

I planned to hang out in the office while Kody did his thing with our crew. I walked in, said hi to a few people and then retreated to the couch. I talked to my homegirl KD for about five minutes on the phone. She was in Arkansas competing at the Mid America Championship. We talked about clean and jerks and all that jazz. We hung up and immediately I went into manage the pain mode. I stood up, wiggled, half cried and was all by myself. I felt a “pop” in my back. It didn’t really feel like anything, but all sudden I knew I should get into the restroom. As I suspected, my water broke.  At the gym. Alone in my office. Classic.

It’s weird. I had this moment of, “Oh my gosh, this is really happening”. I was not thinking clearly at all. I just knew we had to leave and leave now. I walked out the door and Kody was sitting right there in a chair. I looked at him and half whispered, “We are going to the hospital. My water just broke”. He just looked at me. Didn’t say a word. Put his fist in the air and started pumping it to the sky. I saw Drew and Kristen both stretching out. I walked to Kristen and said, “Hey, so I’m going to the hospital…my water just broke”. She is a nurse practitioner at the hospital where I was delivering. Kristen immediately jumps up, starts yelling and skips towards the parking lot saying, “Yay! Come on Ginny let’s skip to your car!” which I kindly replied, “Kristen! I’m not skipping anywhere!” By now everyone in the gym is looking and kind of realizing what just happened.

Drew, Brad and Kristen walk to the parking lot with me. Kody goes to the whiteboard to finish writing the workout for the teams (that is probably my favorite part…I thought it was hilarious).  Everyone acted exactly as they should have. Kristen was very enthusiastic, Drew really wanted me to get the AC turned on in my car, Brad was smiling and very calm and I was all like, “Ok, let’s do this”.

It really helped me to have so many people that  I love so dearly around me as we left. There were a lot of smiles, “good lucks”, high fives…it made me feel calm. I had been so nervous about birth. It has terrified me since I learned that’s how babies came into the world. Now it was actually going to happen to me. Oh my gosh.

I texted my doctor as we headed out. When I arrived at the hospital my rockstar nurse came and got me and said my room was all ready. Yay! It took about an hour or so to get in, change, and get set up. It was probably around 1PM at this point….maybe a little before. My nurse checked the progress…I was progressing just fine. This whole time my contractions had been the same. Painful, but manageable. All the sudden that changed. I was in more pain than I ever had been or thought I could be in. I was yelling at Kody to get over next to me. He said he had never seen me like that. It was like that for about twenty to thirty minutes. My nurse asked if I wanted some pain meds in my IV to help me until they got in there to give me my epidural. Yes. I said yes very enthusiastically.

I got my IV and my drugs and all the sudden everything was right with the world. I got a little hazy and started to be a little more loose lipped than normal. I was completely appropriate, but hilarious. Actually, hilarious may not be the right word. Slightly inappropriate at times might be a better explanation. I got my epidural. Piece of cake. I got to watch “Friends” for two hours and then it was go time. I pushed for ten minutes and then Stella met the world. My scrub tech described me as “a really good pusher” so that was neat.


I was really calm through the whole thing which really surprised me. I know we had a lot of people praying for us…me…Stella. Thank you. We had wonderful friends come visit us at the hospital. I loved watching everyone hold her and love her. She is pretty special and pretty lucky to already have so much family around her.

She is a great baby. She loves to eat and she loves to sleep. She likes to make squeaking sounds and really awesome faces. It’s fun to just watch her. She is pretty sassy for being a baby. She likes to pose and wiggle. I like watching her dream. She giggles and smiles. I keep wondering what she is actually dreaming about. What could she think is so funny? Is she dreaming about dogs? Candy? Singing karaoke?


I’m just so excited to get to know her. I can’t wait to see what she is going to be like. When Stella and I are alone I like to talk to her about all the things that I hope for her life. I tell her about things I want her to experience and things that I want to protect her from. I’m not overly protective right now in a physical sense…I’m calm about her health and being around people…what I’m very worried about is her heart. I hope she experiences so much happiness and love in her life that it is sickening. I never want her to feel an ounce of sadness. Just the other day when she was getting a diaper changed she was crying, per usual, and she had her first real tears. I started crying seeing her cry like that. Before when it is just dry whaling I could handle it, but seeing her little tears just did something to me. I wanted them to go away.


I’m so happy I’m a mom. I’m so happy I’m her mom. It’s been a very overwhelming, stressful, wonderful, happy, trying, exhausting, special and glorious two weeks. She is laid back and happy. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’m finally getting out of the house. I am able to do some “light arm stuff” until I can start swimming in about a week and a half. We walk a lot and are secretly planning the comeback attack. I will officially be released (I think) on October 13th. That gives me eleven training days before HOA. I accept the challenge and I’m so incredibly excited. Stella has been to the gym with me a few times and has watched me do some barbell shoulder presses, overhead walks, DB curls and some pull up variations. I can’t do anything that is hard on my core right now. I want to be a good patient these next few weeks so I can make sure I don’t do anything to screw up my recovery. I have nine months before I need to be me again. I’m gonna take it one step at a time.


More than anything, I want to enjoy this time in Stella’s life. She is already getting bigger, more active and alert. It’s neat and scary to watch her change. I love her to pieces. Stella, I apologize in advance for being super embarrassing. I will try to have dance parties with you and your friends. I will encourage you to have sleepovers and prank call boys. I will be your biggest fan and cheering section in whatever activity you decide to love. I also apologize for making you wear bows because I said I would never do that, but I totally lied. Also, I hope you really like monkeys because you are surrounded by them. You’re welcome my sweet girl. Welcome to the world.


One thought on “Stella

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you love her and being a momma!! So amazing, isn’t it?!?! Happy for you and Kody, enjoy EVERY minute, even the tough ones, they’re memorable and meaningful!

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