I’m Almost Done!

First update…I’m a year older than I was when I last posted. Thirty two. Yikes. Moving on…

When I started blogging about my pregnancy I really wanted to make it a weekly thing. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Now I am less than six weeks away from my due date and all I’m thinking is, “Oh my gosh…I’m about to really have a kid!”

To be honest, I’ve had the best pregnancy in the world. I didn’t get sick, I didn’t have weird cravings, I didn’t want to stuff my face the entire time, I was able to work out like a normal person the entire time…even now I go to the YMCA a few days a week and workout for an hour…more to come on that below. The flip side is that I still complain like any other pregnant woman. Whether I think my pregnancy is awful or the best, it is still something I haven’t been through before. It has still been a new experience for me and my body and life have never gone through so many changes in such a short amount of time. That can do a number on a person.


I’m entering the “It could really happen at anytime” phase, which blows my mind. I know she needs stay put a little longer, but I’m really excited to meet her and get this “I’m still the same gal, just with a kid” thing going. Her room is for the most part prepped. I have lots of cute baby girl things in my house. My dogs think her stuffed animals are for them to play with. I foresee a lot of, “Brantley, put the monkey down!”  being said for the next few years. (Brantley is our super spunky pup…that’s not my daughter’s name). Bailey, our sweet, lovable and perfect eight year old first fur baby has been sleeping next to the bed every night for the last few weeks. I think she knows something is up. She usually takes over the couch and wants nothing to do with us at night. I feel like she is looking out for me a little bit. It’s nice.


I go in Wednesday for my thirty four week appointment. I swear it feels like just yesterday I went in at twenty weeks, feeling and looking normal, and found out we were having a girl. It’s funny how much things can change in a short amount of time. I keep trying to guess what kind of story I’m going to have about her birth. Am I going to wake up in the middle of the night freaking out? Is it going to start in the middle of coaching a class? Am I going to be incredibly calm or start crying?

I am incredibly blessed that this summer hasn’t been a total heat wave. It is hard to be at the gym in the evenings because of the heat. I can’t stay hydrated no matter how much water, Gatorade or pedialyte I drink. I’m at the YMCA a lot and I love it. I’ve been swimming two to three times a week. A group of us actually took on the first CrossFit Games individual events this past week. It was so much fun. I have such a fond love of the water. It will be something I can do relatively soon after having her and I’m looking forward to the pool being a big piece in my physical comeback!


I still snicker a little bit to myself when I’m using dumbbells and mine are heavier than the dude next to me. Maybe that is silly, but whatever makes me smile and gives me a little more confidence at this point is exactly what I need. I have learned to love the elliptical again with all my heart. I put my headphones on and just go to a different place. It feels good to sweat. Whatever gets me moving is A-OK in my book.

I’m not going to lie, there aren’t a lot of things I ‘m going to miss about being pregnant. It’s just really, really weird. I’m getting insanely uncomfortable. I hate not being able to move around like a normal person. I’m not talking about anything fitness related…just every day stuff. I have to be careful about reaching for anything, sitting up in bed, sitting down, I miss sleeping on my stomach…I feel like a martian. I will miss feeling her move and seeing her little feet dance around. We will do plenty of dancing together though whenever she decides to grace this world with her presence.

In addition to running CrossFit OKC, I have my own media business. I’ve been media buying for almost nine years. I love it.  I work from home and it allows me to still be a business girl. I’m in my busy season for work. August through October is kind of the perfect storm in my media world. I’ve been working really hard the last three weeks to get ahead so I’m not thinking about work when Little Miss arrives. On top of that, Kody and I are in the thick of planning AOK3, which I could not be more excited about. (Registration opens Monday, August 4th…do it!) People may think we are nuts for running a competition four weeks after my due date, but that’s just the kind of people we are. We love this stuff even though it makes us crazy. Plus, what better way for everyone to meet her. 

Today was a little bit of a rough day for me. I came into the gym to coach and saw my friends and teammates working out together, laughing and getting better. I saw the same thing on Sunday during our competitor team workout. It’s hard to watch and not be a part of everything that is going on, but I keep reminding myself that all of that will come back in time. It may sound silly to be sad about, but I love this stuff so much. So much. It’s like removing a piece of yourself and just having being OK. It’s hard! I know it’s making me a stronger person and I know I’m going to be a force to reckon with when I comeback because I want it so bad. I’m excited to shock some people come May. 

I can’t say enough about my support system. I have the best family and best friends in the world. They let me complain without judgement. They love me despite my quirkiness. They support me unconditionally even when I’m unreasonable and silly. Most of all, they are all going to love this little girl like she is their own. To know she will be loved, protected and watched over for years to come by the people I love the most puts a smile on my face. I honestly would have not made it through this with what little sanity I have left without each of you. I love you awesome nerds.