Well Hello Third Trimester…

So apparently I’m in my third trimester. That went fast. 

I’m pretty sure September is sneaking up on me like perfect storm. I feel like I have done nothing. Her room is still a guest room. In my head I know exactly what it is going to look like, I’m just not very good at executing. I did manage to pick out some fabulous fabric for her! I know, the super important stuff. All I have wanted is purple and monkeys. Well, I found some great purple and green. My two favorite colors. She will look super stylish in her crib which is basically the most important thing when bringing a newborn home, right?

In practical news, I’m finally accepting that my days of pushing myself in the gym are over. It has been a very hard thing for me to accept, although I do feel like I have been incredibly smart and careful. If I wasn’t a CrossFit competitor then it would be easy for me to come into the gym and participate in class and take it easy. I can’t rid myself of that competitive nature. Right now my focus is turning to staying strong, not being good at CrossFit.  No more snatching with a barbell. No more toes to bar. No more core work really in general. It’s sad.  However, I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to continue these things as long as I did. We started our super cool CFOKC Competitor Team last week. I’m trying to really embrace my role as “the coach” and not “the athlete”. It’s a big transition, but I know it will only make me better as a coach AND an athlete. I’m very excited. This pic was taken a week and a half ago. It was my last day snatching. I made the decision to quit snatch not because I felt like I was unsafe, but because I was having to alter my technique to be safe. There is a difference. I don’t need to snatch anymore. I don’t want to create bad habits. I can snatch in four months. It is not a skill that I will lose. 


The heat and humidity are making things a lot harder. I’m constantly hydrating and honestly it just doesn’t seem to do the trick. I’m going to have to move more of my workouts to the YMCA so I can take advantage of their AC and scenic views of treadmills. I recently bought a membership and have been visiting so I can swim and use the leg press. I have a great little circuit on the leg machines. I feel like I’m in college again. I have been doing single leg presses and double leg. I like to alternate sets. I’ve also been utilizing the leg extension machine and the abductor/adductor machine…(my secret favorite).  

I’ve still been doing a lot of isolation work with my arms over the last two months. It makes me happy to still have some shoulders and traps (yes, that is the vanity in me), but honestly…just seeing the definition in my arms does wonders for my mental state. I’m not ashamed to admit that. It’s hard to go from someone who is used to doing the things I’m used to doing and all the sudden having to stop. Yikes. It’s been fun to do curls, incline bench, DB rows and other weird things I normally don’t do on a regular basis. 

Ok enough about my training….real talk…

I’m terrified. In twelve weeks I’m going to become this thing called “a mom”. I feel like I’m so unprepared for what is about to happen. I’m scared of royally screwing my child up because I feel like I’m still a child myself. I know this is very normal. I know I’m not the first one to freak out. I’m 100% terrified of the birthing process.  For some reason I think I’m going to skip that part. I’ve been told that’s not the case. 

Four days before I found out I was pregnant I saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in theaters with my family. I know this because we saw it on Christmas Day. It was a really interesting time in my life and marriage. Kody and I were dealing with life issues as always. We were preparing for him to leave for Tyler, Texas for six months and we had no idea that in four days our world would be rocked by a single positive test. I remember watching the movie and being completely overwhelmed by it. It is beautiful. The soundtrack is equally moving. If you know me at all, then you know what a music fanatic I am. I grew up laying on my bed reading the cd jackets of new cds so I could learn all the words to songs. Lyrics mean a lot to me. Kody sent me this picture not too long ago and it’s pretty true. I probably need to own this. 


Anyway, throughout my pregnancy I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions like I think every single pregnant women experiences. This song, “Stay Alive”, from that movie has always struck a cord with me. I find it soothing during my panic days, cry in my car for no reason days, happy days, hungry days and oh my gosh is this really happening days. Enjoy. “The dawn is coming, open your eyes”. 


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