Bricktown Throwdown

This past weekend I got to hit the competition floor again! Dream come true. I participated with one of the teams from our gym in the scaled division. My friend Jordan recently broke her rib and they needed a replacement. I like to say they begged me to be on the team, but it was probably opposite. OK, it was opposite. I wanted to compete so bad. I remember texting Kody for a full day begging for his blessing and convincing him that nothing I was going to to do was going to be unsafe. This is 100% true. I was able to avoid movements like burpees and double unders that are a little weird now. 

I had not competed since HOA back in November. That seven month hiatus is the longest I have been out of the competitive scene since I started CrossFit in 2008. I competed with a really fun group from CFOKC: Katy, Hannah, Jimmy, Jonathan and Jordan. We had a pretty fantastic team name which I was embarrassed to say to our judge before each workout. I will leave you in suspense on that one. 


A few highlights from my experience:

  • I ran a 5K without stopping in 26:30
  • I got to dance during all of my warm ups
  • Jordan and I crushed the bench press event
  • I wore bows and got a really good tan
  • I didn’t look at the scoreboard one time


It was fun to be able to compete and not worry about the outcome. I never noticed where we finished in our heat. I didn’t worry about anything other teams were doing. I was focused on our team and that all of us did our best and had fun. It was nice to be able to laugh as wrist wraps got tangled up in jump ropes. 

I was a little nervous about being out there. I was worried people were going to think I was stupid for competing or that I was being reckless.  It was awesome to show up Friday night for the 5K and have handfuls of people come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed my blog or that they thought it was awesome I was competing during the weekend. This weekend was really good for me. It made me feel like me! The community is amazing. 


One of my favorite parts of the weekend was getting to play athlete AND coach. We had a really great group of athletes from CFOKC on three teams. I love these people with all my heart and I love seeing them succeed and have fun. I saw lots of PR’s on the snatch workout, great teamwork and a lot of smiling faces. I even got to be a photographer during the last WOD of the weekend for our RX’d team. I was pretty amazing. It was so fun to be yelling at them one minute and snapping pictures the next. I love these ladies with all my heart! They were so fantastic. 



In other news….

I’m past 24 weeks. I feel amazing. I’ve been doing a lot of extra arm work with dumbbells (curls, presses, rows, bench) and I can see a BIG difference in my arms. The last few weeks have been confirmation that I am doing exactly what I need to do to come back strong in a few months. Watching the regionals over the live stream the past few weeks have been very motivational. I know it is all still going to be hard, but I have my goals set for 2015 and I’m determined to be the best me I can be through the rest of this pregnancy and once I become a mom. 

I recently bought a YMCA membership for the new facility in Edmond so I can start swimming this week. I bought my new Speedo two piece today. I haven’t owned one of those since I was actually a swimmer. I’ve also been hitting up some yoga with the fabulous Miss Katy Jones at YogaVerve. I’m becoming one well rounded mama! (no pun intended). 

I happy. I’m excited. I can’t wait to meet my little girl.

Thank you to everyone for all the encouragement and kind words this past weekend. Thanks Kevin and Brett for putting on a really fun event in a really cool location. Thanks to everyone who drank beer in front of me. Thanks to the sun for giving me a really good tan and tan lines. Thanks to that big tire for making my forearms super sore. And a BIG thanks to all of the CFOKC family for coming out to watch and cheer us on. Love you awesome nerds. 

Special thanks to Chad Hamilton and Monica Trosclair for the photos this weekend!


I Don’t Know About You…But I’m Feeling Twenty-Two!

Almost Twenty Two weeks! What a couple of weeks it has been. I had my twenty week appointment last week and it’s confirmed…baby King is a sassy, sweet, precious and beautiful baby GIRL! Yes, I already know all these things about her. I have finally started to feel her move, which is one of the strangest and coolest things in the world. I’m still having a  lot of, “What the heck is going on?” moments, but I’m getting more comfortable and used to the weirdness.


I’m so excited about having a girl. A boy would have been fun, but I would have been very confused about what to do with a boy. I know girls better. I’m already thinking about all the things I hope she gets to experience. I hope she is spunky and funny, I hope she learns how to love so fiercely it scares her, I hope she is crazy passionate about something whether it is sports, music, school or anything else she may decide to love.  I just can’t wait to watch her learn about the world and become a beautiful, special and caring woman. Very exciting.

I’ve been modifying more than usual the last couple of weeks in the gym. I’m almost twenty-two weeks into this pregnancy thing. Twenty two!  Kipping is done. I’m working strict movements. I’ve been doing strict pull ups in WODs and also static holds over the bar at the end of my strength pull up sets. My goal is to keep my upper body STRONG. I’m starting a circuit of a lot of isolation and pressing this week. . My goal is to go through this three to four times a week.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure I can come back strong! Yesterday I did this for the first time…

Six Rounds

10 Reps Bench Press 95#

10 Reps DB Curls 25#

10 Reps DB Row 30#

16 Walking Lunges

While this doesn’t look like a lot, I’m not used to the isolation. I should be doing this a lot more. I did shoulder presses in class that day so normally those will be in the routine as well. I also plan to add weight to my lunges. The weight was a little light, but I was just playing around trying to see what worked. I want to come up with something that is automatic.

Squatting still feels fine, but I know soon enough that will probably change. My squat sets are heavy enough to feel like it’s working, but not that I’m straining too much. I love my leg strength and I’ve been really nervous about losing it. I’ve added sled pulls and prowler pushes back into my routine now that the weather is getting nice. I love that burn!

Yesterday was a very strange day for me. I knew this day was coming, but I wasn’t quite ready for it. I am no longer doing push ups from my toes….I did knee push ups. I was being a bit stubborn about it. I’ve been doing hand release push ups and making sure I don’t come down too hard on my stomach, but now that I really do have a little bump those are out the window. Knee Push Ups were surprisingly still difficult. I was happy about that. My plan is to go to ring push ups. Ring push ups are hard and I can still get really good range of motion. Something new and different!

The cool thing is, I feel awesome. I can breathe like a pro, I have energy when I work out and I’m really motivated. A group is starting Whole 30 on Monday so I’m joining in on a very modified basis. Basically, the goal is to make myself cook at home. I’ve already been cooking at home more this week. I forget how much I enjoy it and how good I feel when I’m in the kitchen. Veggies have been the one thing that has been hard for me to eat a lot of during this pregnancy so I’m ready to get them back in the mix.

In other news….our regional is next weekend. I’ve been having moments of sadness, excitement and straight up annoyance as we prepare to send our team and the events are released. I’ve obviously accepted the fact that I won’t be competing, but I’m still going to have a hard time watching everyone else do it. I’ve loved getting to help our team prepare. They are going to be amazing. If I’m being honest, I’m not super sad I’m missing the legless rope climbs. I am, however, excited to tackle those come October! Good luck to these folks. Love you guys more than you know. Thanks for being you. Go crush Chicago for me!