It’s Starting to Feel Real

This was a pretty interesting week in the life of a pregnant me. I was so excited to get my muscle ups. I think muscle ups are so fun and I’ve been pretty excited I can still do them. I think 14.4 has most resembled a regional workout as far as Open WODs are concerned to date.

My first thought when this came out was, “I hope I make it to the muscle ups”. 50 toes to bar, no matter how great you are at them, really suck. Let’s be honest, not many people probably were jumping up and down at the idea of doing 50 in a row. I’m used to seeing that at regionals. I’m used to training for that specific quantity during regional prep. I have NOT been doing toes to bar in a way that was going to make 50 feel easy. Ugh. Toes to bar are also the first movement that I have really been able to feel a difference in since I became pregnant. I have to work a lot harder to pull my feet up. I know my core is still there, it has just changed a little (or maybe a lot…I’m still in denial).

My approach to 14.4….

  • Finish the row in 4:00 to 4:15
  • Toes to bar in sets of 5’s, 3’s, 2’s and singles….lots of singles
  • Wall Balls 10-10-8-7-5
  • Singles on all cleans

The Row…

I’m notorious for being the last off the rower. It usually pays off because then I can keep a nice, fast pace. This week I was just slow on the row and then kinda kept that pace the entire WOD. I sang to myself a lot. Britney’s “Break the Ice” was on, which is one of my favs, so I enjoyed that part. I yelled things like “I’m so bored” and “This sucks” a couple of times. I had to entertain myself somehow.

Toes to Bar…

Lalalalala  I did two sets of 5’s, 3’s until about 30 and then singles. Oh my goodness, they got so hard for me. My grip was fine. My breathing was fine. My midsection was like, “Hey…there is a super tiny human in here, can you please cool it with all the crunching?” I got through them in a much longer amount of time than I would have liked, but at least I finished them.

Wall Balls…

Hooray! I’m the weird person that actually likes Wall Balls. It’s strange because I’m not tall. I also really like thrusters. I’m just “that girl”. These were fine. I wish they could have gone on forever. That nine foot target rocks my face off.

Power Cleans…

I’m not sure how many people felt this way, but 95# felt like 135# to me. Single, single, single. They took me a good three minutes. Blah. I finished the cleans at 12:37 leaving me just over a minute for…


This is usually just like play time for me. This time, it felt like work. Kody was next to me telling me to put my hands on the rings, counting me back in and all that good stuff. I ended up with five solid reps! I was pretty excited to knock out that many in such a short amount of time in my current state. I felt very accomplished. Not only did I think I put up a good score “for me”, but also a really good score in general!

My final score was 185. Tie break of 12:37 (I think).


Now to keep it real…

I did this WOD twice. It was such a bad idea. I did really well the first time. I remember saying to myself that I wasn’t sure I could do any better. I really wanted to get to eight muscle ups. Normally I would have been shooting for at least fifteen or more. I’ve never done an Open workout twice and not done better. I thought for sure I could at least get one more rep or a faster tie break. I ended up only being six seconds faster on the tie break and I got two muscle ups. I missed four. Missed. I haven’t missed muscle ups, let alone that many in a WOD since I was learning them. It made me angry. I was angry I let myself do it again. I was angry because three days later it felt a lot harder. I was angry because I knew it was all happening…Baby K was really trying to slow me down. I listened. It worked. I’m accepting it.

This week has sucked. It’s the first week that I’ve really felt a lot different in the gym. Before I’ve felt pretty much like me, just that I have to move a little slower and everything feels a little heavier. This week I felt different. Toes to bar took a ton of effort. Even keeping my pace down on the rower, I felt a lot more taxed than normal. I had to break longer on my wall balls and cleans. And the muscle ups, oh the muscle ups, I fought for dear life to get on top of each one. I don’t kip very big on my muscle ups in general, that isn’t super helpful right now. I’m actually a very good muscle upper. I consider it one of my stronger movements, especially when I’m tired. Multiple people came up to me after the wod and said, “I’m not really sure how you got on top of any of those.” Ha!

It’s been depressing. I know that sounds silly. Hi, I’m pregnant. I’ve known that for a while now. I’ve just been thinking I would keep feeling slower, I never really expected things to actually get a lot harder. This is about the time when I think my body is about to really start looking different and it’s going to be a lot more real. I’m trying to prep myself mentally for that and I think I’m getting there.

I keep telling Kody that I feel bad that every time I blog I’m so “woe is me…I’m getting slow…blah blah blah”, but it is pretty therapeutic. The fact is, I’m so excited to become a mom. I can’t wait. I’m super happy. It’s also really weird knowing that everything is about to change. My life, my sleep patterns, my social life, my body…all of it. Anyone that says they are totally cool with all of it the whole time is lying. I just vocalize it…a lot. I don’t feel like it is negativity, just honestly about the massive changes I’m going through. It’s a lot to take in no matter how prepared you feel to become a parent.

I’m starting to see a little belly. I’m almost 17 weeks right now. I’m hoping it will all feel a lot more real once I can really see it, but also I’m having fun still wearing my regular clothes. I’m not sure how much longer that will last! I had my last check up on Wednesday and everything is wonderful. I have gained a total of three pounds. I know, it isn’t much. However, I know I’ve lost muscle so I think it is all just redistributing. I’m not really paying attention to the scale, I just want to be healthy.

I’m still exhausted in the afternoon. I’m getting really dehydrated. I have done absolutely nothing to actually prepare for a child in my home. The baby’s room is still a guest room. I know nothing about registering. I have a bunch of baby books I think I should be reading, but haven’t because I keep wanting to start Divergent…and I haven’t done that either. I have pregnancy brain like crazy. I will make three lists and forget to look at any of them. I feel like a really weird version of me and it just makes me laugh. Pregnancy is kinda cool and also super weird. The weirdest part…I’m almost half way through it.

Here is to the last week of the Open! May your burpees be fast and your thrusters be powerful!


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