I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Oh my gosh….if I have an EVER favorite WOD from past regionals it is the 21-15-9 Deadlift / Box Jump WOD. I love it with all my little heart. In 2011 I finished 5th (4:26) and in 2013 when it was repeated I finished 5th again (3:45).  If I loved the OHS/C2B combo last week, I was in flippin heaven when 14.3 was announced. I have craved a heavy DL Open WOD for years. I just wish it had a been year I could really go for it!

Last year we learned that for a lot of people, box steps were much more efficient than box jumps. I’m a pretty good box jumper, especially at 20 inches, so stepping is pretty awkward, but it absolutely saves energy which is super smart. We tested with three athletes just after the 14.3 announcement. They averaged around 4.6 seconds slower with steps than fast jumps. We decided to encourage all of our athletes to go the step route. It seemed to work well. I’m blown away by how my calves are still sore.

Again, I did the WOD twice. The nice thing about 14.3 was that my lungs were never an issue. I still broke it up a lot and the box step ups really allowed me to control my heart rate. It was really hard to restrain myself on this one, but I did. I was basically salivating during the announcement. Each week we all try to predict what the WODs will be based on the athletes doing the demo. When they said it was Stacie Tovar, I immediately called Kody and said, “Deadlift/Box Jump”. He didn’t believe me. He was convinced it was a muscle up WOD because she always crushes those (Yes, Stacie, you are a muscle up rock star).  I was very happy when I was right. I’m never right about those things…he always is.

My first attempt took place at CFOKC on Friday. I wasn’t really sure how far I would get. The one thing I have really pulled back on since becoming pregnant is deadlifts. It is the one movement my husband was the most hesitant about…especially heavy. I haven’t deadlifted anything over 155 in a WOD in two months and that has been very limited. I was shocked at how 135# and 155# felt. Normally I go through Diane unbroken (21-15-9 DL 155#/HSPU). The fact that I had to break 155# up into 5’s was shocking and threw me a little. 185# I went to 3’s and then a few 2’s and a lot of singles with some really, really long breaks. I finished my “box jumps” before 205# at 7:33. I loaded the bar to 205# and pulled it three times. I was happy with my score. I had no reason not to be, but I was a little frustrated because I still felt OK cardiovascularly…it had just felt sooooo much heavier than I expected.


First attempt at 14.3. Thanks Monica Trosclair for this cool shot!

I knew I was going to do it again. I traveled to Tyler, Texas to visit my husband for the weekend. He is there doing some trauma work at their hospital. I visited Premier CrossFit on Monday for my second shot at 14.3. The Mr. has gotten to know a few CrossFitters at the hospital so they called the owner for me to see if I could drop in for the WOD. It turned out all their coaches were meeting at 2PM that Monday to WOD together. One thing most people probably don’t know about me and may not believe is that I am really, really shy. If I am somewhere new and I don’t know anyone I become a wall flower. I usually hang by myself until someone talks to me and makes me feel comfortable. I’m exactly opposite when I am somewhere I am comfortable. I’m usually pretty loud and probably obnoxious. Anyway, we got there and I went into my own little Ginny world for a bit. Some of the girls showed up and made me feel really comfortable. Amanda Schwartz (South Central stud athlete) and I got to chat which was cool. She has finished in the same spot as me at regionals. We both know the sting of that dreaded 4th position. A super sweet girl, Hayle, ended up being my judge. She was awesome and cheered me on. I felt right at home. Thanks for making me fee like a part of the crew!


Pre WOD “Me” time.

The game plan the second time around was to just hold onto the bar better. I did my 135# unbroken, 155# 8-7-5, 185# 3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1, 205# pull for dear life. I finished with 143, ten more reps than my previous attempt. I was thrilled! In a non pregnant world I probably would have treated each round as the round before it. I would pull much bigger sets at 185# and keep 205# at 3’s and 2’s. I like to think I would have finished 205# and gotten into the box jumps and possibly had a few attempts at 225#. I cannot wait to do this one again in a year and see what I can do!


14.3 at Premier CrossFit in Tyler, Texas.

I’m feeling more and more comfortable with being pregnant. I still have a lot of days when it is really strange and I get frustrated with what I cannot do. Then I remember how cool it is that I can still do so many awesome things! Yesterday during our class WOD at CFOKC we did muscle ups. A sweet friend of mine, Mindi (just had her second child), came up to me immediately after I finished and told me how awesome it was that I was doing muscle ups at almost 16 weeks pregnant! Instead of being depressed that they felt awful, slow and much harder than I wished, she snapped me back to reality that I am doing muscle ups at 16 weeks pregnant. Sweet. I’m trying this thing where I use more positive self talk when I talk to myself about how I look, how my body is changing and how I feel in general. It can be hard, but it is helping!

Im currently sitting in 167th in the region and 1920th in the world. A far cry from the numbers I am used to, but they are numbers I am very proud of! I just want to keep doing my best as the me I am now. I’ve loved competing with my gym each week. I’m actually getting very sad it is almost over.

I’m super excited to see what tonight’s 14.4 announcement is! Chip away!


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