Open Week 2

Two weeks of the Open down and three to go! Tonight the third WOD will be revealed. I’m pretty excited.

First, I have to say this is my absolute FAVORITE Open WOD to date! Not necessarily in practice (because it hurts), but in concept. I love these two movements, I love the work to rest ratio component and I love that it just flat out sucks. I wish with my whole heart I could have gone after this one “as me”, but as me + 1 was still pretty fun.

I knew my chest to bar pull ups were out of practice, but I didn’t realize how much. I’ve been working strict pull ups to keep my strength up and I’ve been doing regular butterfly and kipping pull ups a few days a week. I have done chest to bar probably twice since I found out I was preggo over ten weeks ago. That is a long time to not work that type of movement, especially as your body mass changes and your strength starts to decrease. Ugh. Last year during 13.5 (Chest to Bar and Thrusters) I had really just gotten the butterfly down. I could hold them in sets of five for a bit. At HOA this year I did an unbroken set of 20 Chest to Bar after a hideous front rack walking lunge. Believe me, it is something I had been working on. I’m so mad at myself for letting them go the way I have.


This is me during 13.5 having the time of my life butterflying C2B!

Regardless, this WOD was going to be fun. I would have loved to get through the 16’s, but not many girls in our region got that far. This WOD worked in my favor in the beginning as well because I knew I was going to get rest. I wasn’t going to have to push it too hard through the first two rounds. Baby K was happy about that!

I did the WOD on Friday morning in-between two of our morning classes. I was shocked at how many people stuck around to watch me. There is something about that visual that gives me chills. The support everyone receives at CrossFit OKC during the Open, regardless of who they are, is pretty cool. I know it would be easy for people to write me off this year and not be too concerned with my scores, but they all stayed and they all cheered. It makes me a little emotional to think about…mainly because I’m a raging ball of hormones, but it still makes my heart happy. I love those people and all the support they have given me as I try to still be involved.

The first set of tens went fine. I did five and five on my pull ups. Looking back, I probably should have done shorter sets. I had a ton of time and I didn’t realize how fast I was gonna lose my butterfly. The round of 12’s I did 5-4-3, 5-4-3 on my pull ups. I still had over a minute to rest. I took a lot of time between the OHS and beginning the pull ups. I was focused on keeping my heart rate down and not burning out.

The rounds of 14 hated me. It was so sad. I went to singles my last few reps of my first set of 14. I finished the 14’s with two seconds to spare. Drew was judging me. I looked at the clock, said a not very polite word, giggled and said, “I’m gonna rest for a bit”. I waited a full minute before picking up the bar to start my 16s. I finished with 173 reps. I was really happy with the score because I knew I did what I could. I knew I couldn’t have expected much more out of my pull ups because I haven’t been doing them. I was really happy to be done.

The problem with me doing the WODs early in the week is that I have a lot of time to think about what I think I could have done different. This would be OK if I was a normal me right now, but I’m not. Of course I would have done a million things different if I wasn’t growing human. I wouldn’t have sat there for a minute in my round of 16s before starting…that’s for sure. I almost redid the WOD. Not for my own score (I’m getting over worrying about the number), but because I wanted to get some more points for our team. The intelligent person in me won out this week and I didn’t redo the WOD. My hands were pretty happy with my decision.

14 weeks pregnant and I finished 106th in the region on this WOD. I’m now 222nd in the region after two weeks. I cut my ranking in half this week. Hooray! I’m now a day or two shy of being 15 weeks pregnant. I’m ready to get some burpees and push ups out of the way before the belly starts to pop out! I would like a week or two before muscle ups show up in a WOD. I have only done them twice since I found out was pregnant and one of those times was Tuesday. They did not go so well compared to what I’m normally able to do. I know it isn’t because I’m worse at anything, it is just because I haven’t been doing a lot of those things and that is OK.

I want to thank each of you that has commented on Facebook, the blog, messaged me or texted me over the last two weeks. It seems silly to say that I have needed the support, but I have and I wish each of you could see the smile on my face when I read your kind and supportive words. No one can really prepare you for how different pregnancy makes you feel physically and emotionally. To everyone that has done this before, cheers to you. All you mamas out there that stay busying working and work hard to stay healthy are amazing examples to people like me. Thank you.

Lastly, a big HOORAY to my awesome K2DHR2 teammates for crushing 14.2. It has been a struggle watching my team go through the Open without me and knowing I won’t get to be on the floor with them in Chicago this year. You guys are amazing athletes and I’m really excited to see what you do this year. I love you awesome nerds. And I cried a little typing that…the end.


Onto the next week!


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