Open Week One…Well Hello, Pride.

The Open is here! The Open is here! For all you CrossFitters out that you know this can be a fun, crazy and weird couple of weeks. Typically after week one we get most of the jitters out and then it is business as usual.  Watching the leader board so far after this first week, I have a feeling this year may be a little more interesting than years past!

I made the decision to do the Open even though I am pregnant for lots of reasons. I’m pregnant, not injured. I can still do a lot of things like I normally do, just slower. I know there are things I may not be able to do by the time they show up and I also know I won’t be able to go through  the WODs with my normal intensity. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t participate! I preach it to our members all the time, just be part of the community. Do your best and that is all that you can ask of yourself. That is what I am going to do!

Another reason I decided to do the Open this year is because our gym made the decision to try to qualify two teams for regionals. We have so many phenomenal athletes at CFOKC. If I can help one of our teams at all during the Open, I want to be able to do that. I know I won’t be a “factor” this year, but I still want to be a part of the team. It helps me feel connected to what is going on and motivates me.

I will not lie, I went into the first week thinking I could still put up a fairly decent, maybe even semi competitive score.  In the last three years I have finished 3rd, 4th and 6th in the Open. After week one, I am sitting in 433rd. I have said that number out loud to myself about fifteen times today. It stings a little bit. I know that seems silly, but I’m going to be brutally honest. Even though I’m growing a human, it is a little hard see all those names in front of mine. I have nothing to prove, I just really love to compete. The competitor in me is screaming. The realistic, logical, smart individual in me is saying, “Good job, GK. You did what you could do and Baby K is happy”. I need to listen to that girl.

I did 14.1 twice. I haven’t done an Open WOD twice since the first year of the Open. The last two years they have all been one and done. When this WOD was announced in 2011 I did it three-time. Three. My husband says it was four…it was probably four. It was awful. I never improved very much and it made me very angry every single time. To this day, I refer to this WOD as my least favorite Open WOD of all time. I was super excited to see it again, except not at all.

I wore a heart rate monitor. I’m trying to be really good and listen to my doctor and keep my heart rate as close to 140 as possible. The funny thing is that even when it shoots to about 140 I feel fine. It is hard to judge what is too much and when I could push a little more. I spent a lot of time during my first go looking at my watch, taking deep breaths and answering math problems. My husband sat next to me and just started saying, “Ginny, what’s 3 x 3?” I would snatch and yell, “9!”. He proceeded up the multiplication table and would try to throw me off every now and then. The goal was to keep me conversational. It worked. I finished with 266, well under my 302 from 2011. My goal was to hit 300 so both of our teams would have three girls over that 300 mark. I had so much left in me it was ridiculous.

I left the gym feeling good and then later in the day I was just annoyed. Why did it bother me so much that I hadn’t hit that number? It was just a pride thing. I knew that. I was smart during the WOD. I was 13 weeks pregnant. What did I really expect to happen? I decided to do it again because I knew I had a little more in me and could still stay in my safe range for Baby K. That is and will continue to be my absolute priority. No number is worth risking my child. I did the WOD a second time with my good friend Monica. We both wanted 300. We were rep for rep most of the WOD. My husband paced me and still asked me math questions. I was delighted to get 301! I felt fine afterwards. I was breathing like I had been throughout any other workout I had done while pregnant. I felt like I found a very good balance.

I want to continue to be smart and enjoy the Open. Everyone at CFOKC has been really supportive of my participating in the Open. I got this wonderful text from a friend at the gym who came to cheer us on Saturday even though she had already completed the WOD the day before.

Hey Lady! You did awesome this morning. I know it is hard for you to not just kill a WOD, but I love how you are aware and are taking extra care of yourself and that sweet baby girl.

There was more, but I won’t share all of it. It made my heart so happy and was such a good reminder to keep my head where it needs to be. P.S. I still don’t know I’m having a girl, I just call the tiny human a she.

Onward and upward! Like I said, CFOKC has two teams this year. One team is sitting in 20th and one in 70th. All of our athletes are really excited and enjoying themselves. I love seeing everyone so motivated and ready to work. This is why the Open is fun. This is why I want to be a part of it again this year. This is why I will continue to show up each week and do my best and be 100% happy with what I’m able to do.

I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant now and I will be 17 weeks pregnant by the end of the Open. I can’t even believe it. I feel so blessed that everything is going so well and I’m still able to do what I love to do. Here is to a great 14.2 week for everyone! Have fun and be awesome!



One thought on “Open Week One…Well Hello, Pride.

  1. Ginny I think this is awesome. It is frustrating when your preggers. I remember my doctor saying not to get my heart rate over 140 and I was like what??? That’s a brisk walk… I saw a different doc one day because she was out of town and he was a doc to athletes. He said I can basically do anything I was used to doing. For me it was triathlons at the time so different then high intensity wods but I felt so encouraged that I would not be a mall walker for 9 months and could basically do what I did before and just listen to my body. Your doing the right thing. And from experience after you have that little bundle your desire to compete and do well for them and for moms like you will be 100x stronger. I know every time I look at one of my kiddos during a workout or competition I know why I am there and who I am doing it for! Keep on keeping on!

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