Hey Colorado, Heyyy


I’m playing in Keystone, Colorado this week. We had this trip planned way before the gummy bear made her presence known. Don’t worry, I got the full blessing from my awesome doctor before I came. She told me to “take it easy” which means I’m restricted to greens and blues and lots of breaks. It is kind of torturous.

I have been skiing once or twice a year almost every year of my life since I was five. That is twenty six years. I ski everything and love it with all my heart. There is nothing quite like cruising down the mountains with music in your ears just taking in all the beauty and awesomeness around you. I still get to enjoy that part, just not all the powder, bumps and super sweet steep stuff.

Good news is, today went awesome. I only fell once walking to the gondola. It was special. I say all of this because I’m really having to come to terms with all the changes my body is going through and I am having to make to be sure I’m healthy and safe.

Last week was rough for me. I was frustrated at the gym. I see all these great things people are doing and everyone prepping for The Open and the regional. It makes my heart ache. I already miss lifting and pushing myself to really cool places.

I have to fall in love with my new body and everything that is happening to it. Right now I look in the mirror and I hardly recognize myself. Sure, I’m being a little dramatic, but honest. I don’t look very different yet, but I feel very different.

Today on the mountain I felt so tired. Baby K did a number on me! Maybe the brownie I had with lunch didn’t help.

I traded in the usual post slope hot tub and beer for a not very heated pool and bottle of water. I was mad about not being able to be in the hot tub so I went into the fitness center and did dumbbell curls and presses while my dad and cousin enjoyed the awesome weather.

I may sound down. I’m not. I don’t always adapt well to change. Today was more eye opening than I thought it would be about the real changes that are happening to me. Yikes.

I’m still feeling really good. I’m excited to almost be through my first trimester. I’m very much looking forward to the rumored burst of energy I will have soon. Bring it on!



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