Surprise! A New Chapter Begins!

December 29th the Mr. and I got some pretty exciting, shocking and all around crazy news. I’m pregnant! Yes, I’m currently growing a human. We made the big “announcement” this past weekend and now I get to talk all about it. I’m thrilled!


So many things went through my mind…

  1. Oh my gosh I’m going to be responsible for another human life!
  2. Oh crap, I’m not going to be able to compete this year.
  3. How cool, I get to have a mini me! (It’s a girl, I know it…I only refer to the tiny human as a she right now).
  4. I’m going to get fat. (I’m being honest…I think about it a lot).
  5. I’m never going to be the same again.
  6. Awesome. I get to be a soccer mom and take orange slices to games in five years.

Ok, so let’s be real. Finding out you’re pregnant is a really crazy thing. If you haven’t experienced it before just trust me. The Mr. and I always knew we wanted kids. It is really important to me to have a family. For those who don’t know, I’m adopted. I don’t know a single living thing that I am biologically related to. Having something that is a part of me has always been something I wanted and felt like I needed. I also want to adopt at some point. That is also really important to me because I have the best family in the world and I want to be that for someone like me! All that said, I’m finally going to be the mom at the age of 32. Oh. My. Gosh.

I plan to blog about my pregnancy and all the good and the bad that goes with it. I’m excited to share my experience as I TRY to stay super healthy, fit, happy, sane, etc. So far here is the skinny…

I’m almost ten weeks along which means I’m getting close to being through the first trimester. Hooray! We had an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. People asked me if I cried….I really just giggled. How crazy to hear something beating 160 BPM inside you?!?!? She is working hard. Luckily, I feel great. I’m exhausted, but great. I haven’t been sick (knock on wood), but I’m pretty worthless after 3PM. I now take naps. I have napped more in the last five weeks than I probably have in my entire life. This is a big deal. I make fun of The Mr. for taking naps, now I don’t know if I would make it through the day without one!

My ultimate goal is to stay super healthy and be smart. I don’t need or want to be one of those CrossFit moms that needs to do crazy stuff while I’m pregnant. I plan to continue to workout, but I am already modifying like crazy (for me). No more handstands. It is so hard to watch people do them. I just want to walk on my hands one more time so I know I can do it. I’ve already had dreams about kicking up onto the wall and not being able to support my body weight in a handstand hold. What the heck?

Right now, I monitor my heart rate and breathing more than anything. I take planned 30 second breaks after rounds in my WODs. I’m so glad people know now. Before I think they all thought I was getting super lazy. Psych! I discovered I had a stress fracture in my right food about mid December. I was in a boot for almost four weeks. The boot was a good distraction once I found out I was pregnant because it limited what I could do just enough that it wasn’t super obvious something else was going on. Well played tiny foot bones, well played. The last few weeks I’ve just been saying that I was still taking it easy on my foot. I hated lying about it.

I’m doing extra cardio interval training on the airdyne, rower and yes…the elliptical. I just don’t get the same benefit from CrossFit WODs that I did before because I’ve taken my intensity down so much. While I plan to continue to be in class all nine months, I know I will need to do some other things to stay moving!

I’m signed up for the Open, but obviously won’t be competing at the North Central Regional in Chicago this year. It is bitter sweet. I feel like I had to actually mourn a little bit when I realized I wouldn’t get to compete this year. There were some tears. I love competing at regionals almost as much as anything else I have ever done. I’ve been to regionals the last five years. It is a good time for a little physical and mental break. I plan to be back for 2015 and I’m excited for the challenge post pregnancy!

So, my goal is to post at least once a week so I can stay accountable for my nutrition, workouts and state of mind. I hope I can be a good resource for other future CrossFit moms and I hope I can learn a lot from those of you who have already been through a pregnancy. It’s pretty cool to have such a supportive group around me. I have lots of great mom examples at CrossFit OKC and outside the gym. I’m one lucky lady! I’m also pretty excited that our tiny human is going to have such a great extended family right away…and lots of babysitters.

Until next time! Happy training.


2 thoughts on “Surprise! A New Chapter Begins!

  1. What exciting news, Ginny!!! You’ll be a great mom and (as someone who had 3 kids after the age of 31) your body will be fine. A little different but it will still be as athletic as you want it to be. Remember, you always have a nice low-impact swimming option to get your work out fix as your pregnancy progresses! So excited for you and your whole family πŸ™‚

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