The Open Two Weeks In…

Two weeks of The Open are complete. To say that it has gone as I expected would be a total lie. The first workout was a complete catastrophe for me. I despise power snatches with all my heart and soul. Not one of my strongest movements…obviously. I finished the first week with more points in my worldwide score than I had total last year. I finished the first week 48th in my region. Talk about a blow to my ego/confidence. I also had bronchitis….that was fun. #noexcuses I was just plain lackluster.

We all say The Open doesn’t really matter because when you get to regionals it all shakes out and everything falls into place. However, we are all lying if we say we don’t think about it just a little bit. Maybe some of us more than others. I am still going into each week with the game plan to do the WOD only once. There is way too much to perfect to spend time redoing WODs!

Week two felt like a complete 180. I wasn’t sick (hooray) and I had a lot of FUN doing the WOD. Being able to breathe sure makes a big difference. I was very pleased with my score. It was a fun little WOD. I almost wish it had been a bit longer. The interesting thing this year is the allowance of step ups for the box jumps. We had multiple people at our gym who repeated the WOD and were significantly faster doing step ups. I jumped the entire WOD. My calves still ache. I’m not sure how much more stepping would have given me, if any, but it was fun to watch everyone improve so much the second time around!

Going into week three and primarily regionals I’m trying to stay focused on my ultimate goal…going to The Games. Each year before The Open I tell myself as long as I can be in the top 15 doing the WODs once I should be pleased with where I am. So far I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be, but I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

I’m trying to be as honest as I can be with myself about how I’m feeling. This year has been a struggle. A lot of inner monologue pep talks are taking place. It is nice reading about other athletes and how much of a struggle it can be sometimes for us to all be 100% positive with ourselves all the time. It makes me feel not as out-of-place.

The fact is, you have to believe in what you are capable of and the goals you have laid out to be successful. There is no room for second guessing. I believe in myself. I know what I’m capable of and I’m looking forward to the rest of this craziness. It is just about to get fun.


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