I’m currently watching the Oscars and all I do is stare at the ladies arms. Odd? Probably. I also really enjoy looking at Hugh Jackman’s face. I’m currently writing this as the fabulous Skyfall theme song is being sung by Adele. Anyway…

Ups and downs. Ups and downs. That is why we all keep doing this, right?  Kody and I talk about having a short memory when it comes to disappointments and a great long-term memory when it comes to successes. I like that. Remember the good, forget the bad.

Friday was “Diane” day. Many you probably remember “Diane” was the first WOD at regionals last year. I remember when it was posted my initial thought was, “Crap”. At the time my best Diane was a whopping 7 minutes. Clearly a 7 minute Diane wasn’t going to get me far at regionals. I did the workout within minutes of the Regional WODs being announced. I did it in just under 4 minutes. Relief. This was a workable number. I did it two other time working on rep schemes and got it down to under 3:30.  At Regionals I pulled a 3:05 out of somewhere and placed 5th on the WOD.

I was nervous Friday. I had only practiced HSPU once the week before, but had still not done them in a WOD since mid December. They felt ok, but not amazing. My goal was to not push it too hard, break it up in manageable sets and by all means to NOT hurt my shoulder trying to do more than it was ready to do at this time.  We had set a goal of at least somewhere under 5 minutes. Maybe that was a little extreme on the slower side, but I’m not one to “take it easy” so we had to but some restraints on ahead of time.

Time: 2:50.  Well, OK. I will take that. Seriously, a 15 second PR from Regionals and 40 second training PR? This with NO hspu work in months? Me? Seriously? I am not a hspu queen by any means. This is good. I didn’t pay attention to the clock once until I hit the wall for my last 9 hspu. Kameron yelled at me something like “2:30! Stay on the wall”. I did 5 – 4 and saw my time. I think I said, “really?” out loud about five times.

So what happened? I was loose. I was calm. I had zero expectations other than to keep moving and be smart.  I also did a little dance pre WOD. My secret weapon. I’m locking that away in my long-term memory.

Today, however, I had a disastrous date with some other movements that I LOVE. Missing double unders. Struggling with heavy dead lifts (I love dead lifts…and heavy ones). Blah. I’m ditching those things into the forgetful area of my brain. My back and hamstrings are completely shot from this week so I’m listening to my body which is obviously telling me to rest.


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