Change of Pace

This week was especially challenging for my inner peace. I forgot how annoying it is to be limited in what I am able to do with my body. My left arm is just aching to pick up a weight. I have never wanted to pick up a barbell and Olympic lift so much in my entire life. It has only been eight days and I’m going stir crazy.

The change of pace has been nice in a few ways. I’ve been running…and liking it. This week I have been on a grand total of….drum roll please….three runs! Now, don’t get too excited. None of them amounted to more than about 2.2 miles at a time, but it is more than I’ve done in a long while.

Today our gym WOD was “Loredo”. Six rounds for time of 24 squats, 24 push up, 24 walking lunges and 400 M run. It was nice that I could do everything except the push ups. I decided to alternate between KB snatches and KB push press each round with my “good” arm. My time was 23:46. This was more of a lung burner than anything else. I love that feeling of telling myself to just keep moving. My 400’s felt better than they have in months! My pace was very steady and my stride stayed long. I’m digging this running thing. - Bored? Do this while on your morning jog: Carry a stick with you, run up beside some stranger & try to hand it off to her. Then run away....

Monday I get to start trying some light overhead work and then I will go from there. My hope is that this is just a nagging overuse bout and the time off will cure me of all ills. I know there is a possibility it could be more serious and require a longer “break” or other measures. I’ve seen a professional and I’m following orders. I don’t want to do anything to ruin me for The Open and more importantly, Regionals. Keeping my eye on the prize. Long term outweighs short-term.



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