Enjoying the Ride

The year is ending. 2013 is almost here and everyone is talking about resolutions and goals. I’ve already started to have the talk with myself about how I’m going to better myself in the new year. I have to get my diet back in check, run more, blah blah blah.  I know that without a doubt that I will do all of those things and more. However, I have one really big end all be all goal/resolution/just gotta do it thing in mind.

 Have fun.

Sounds corny, right?

2012 was an amazing and admittedly a very hard year for me. Training was brutal. I worked myself about as hard as anyone could and felt like I still came up short. I tried to not feel let down, but I’m human. The progress I made from 2011 to 2012 was in one word, awesome. However, there were still things that I didn’t accomplish this past season that drive me today. I kept saying, “Do I really want to put myself through that again?” Yes. Yes I do. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach every now and then.

This year I have decided to tell stress to suck it. Yup, that is what I said.  I forget to be proud of what has been and how far I have come when all I do is worry about what will happen in the future. I’m still striving to get on that podium come May, but this year I’m going to enjoy the ride.

I’ve been so inspired by some of our new members at CrossFit OKC. I see the excitement they have every day about being in the gym and making themselves better versions of themselves.  They truly enjoy working hard and they celebrate their milestones. It puts a smile on my face!

In closing…I’m back. I will be blogging regularly (I hope). In full disclosure, I’ve been battling a nagging shoulder the last few weeks. As of last week, I have become the one arm wonder again. Frustrating, but challenging in a good way as well. I should be off the DL in a few weeks (fingers crossed!).

In honor of the end of the year, I leave you with a few fun moments from 2012 in pictures! Here is to a happy, healthy new year for all!

I became a Lululemon Ambassador this summer!


Fun in Chicago for the 2012 CrossFit North Central Regional.chicago

I competed in my very first outdoor sprint tri! sprint tri

My first big team competition with CrossFit OKC! We took 3rd at HOA4. hoa


P.S. I do have actual goals. This is not a cop-out post. I plan on bringing it hard-core in 2013. I’m just going to have way more fun than everyone else as I do it. 


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