4 Years Later…

Yesterday, July 12th, marked my four-year anniversary with CrossFit. Four years. I know there are things that can change your life drastically like a new job, moving, kids, marriage, etc. When I say that CrossFit has changed my life just as much as any of those things, I’m not lying. You may laugh or chuckle, but it is the truth.

When Kody and I started CrossFit we were living in Tulsa. Kody was in medical school and I was working at an advertising agency. To say I was in a rut is an understatement. I was missing my lifelong friends from home. I was pathetically feeling sorry for myself. I was really into running so I would run a 5K or 10K each weekend just to do something competitive. I missed competition. I weighed about 120 lbs and was a size 4-6. I struggled with food choices all the time and was really hard on myself for not being perfect and will admit I  was not healthy with the way I handled bad choices.

Four years later, I weigh between 132 and 135 pounds, I’m a size 2, I can throw 190+ pounds over my head, squat for days and I’m not really into running (ha). I make smart food choices and don’t beat myself up when I indulge. I’m happier, I have made life long friends and I feel accomplished every single day of life.

My husband’s best friend, Stephen, finally dragged us into CrossFit Jenks after two to three months of begging. I was the resistant one. How funny is that? We met Breck and Nicole Berry and I knew immediately I had made two great new friends. They are both competing at in Carson this weekend on a team with CrossFit Jenks. I love those two. I spent months chasing Nicole.  I wanted to be as good as she was. I was so shy. Nicole, Jessie and Jennifer took me in as a friend immediately. Outside of church, where does that actually happen? Kody and I would drive home and night and spend 30 minutes on the couch before we could muster up the strength to even think about taking a shower. It was such a learning curve for our bodies, but we loved every second of it.

My favorite pull up bar in the world…

Today I went back and looked at some of my first posts from CrossFit Jenks. Here are a few of my posts from my first few weeks of CrossFit:

# Ginnyon 16 Jul 2008 at 9:19 am


10 sets of 10…kipped all the pull ups!

Time 22:52

# Ginnyon 22 Jul 2008 at 5:23 pm

Front Squat

4 x 5@85

My shoulders are so tender today from letting that bar rest on them. I guess that means the bar was in the right place?

# Ginnyon 28 Aug 2008 at 10:10 pm


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift (Women 155 lbs)
Shoulder Press 45lbs

My first month of CF

I love that last post. This year at Regionals I did that same workout, except with handstand pushups instead of a shoulder press in 3:04. Wow.

“Diane” at Regional 2012

I love being able to see where I started and think about how far I have come. I love that I have been able to be an athlete into my adult life. I turn thirty ::gulp:: on Monday. I’m not sure I ever could have visualized myself this way ten years ago. I’m more driven and focused than ever. I’m able to spend my days with some of the most amazing people in the world. I get to help better the lives of those around me just like Breck and Nicole did for me when I started.

Regional 2012

So what have I learned in the last four years:

  1. We are capable of more than we can ever imagine for ourselves.
  2. Your health is worth it. Don’t make excuses.
  3. I’m a better me at thirty than I ever was at twenty.
  4. Family is more than your gene pool.
  5. Just do it. 
Some of the best people I know…
My Jenks girls (Nicki where are you?!?!)

I hope that everyone can look back at the last two, five and ten years of their lives and know that it keeps getting better. If you take care of yourself then things fall into place. A happy me is a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, business owner and coach. Four years later I’m happier, therefore I’m better.