Better Than Yesterday

Do you ever have that moment right before a workout is supposed to start and you think to yourself, “Why am I doing this?” I do. All the time. Seriously, why do I enjoy putting myself through all the physical and mental work it takes to get to where I want to be? Why do I see the same people day in and day out pushing themselves to their limit? Why do we keep coming back for more?

We want to be better.

I always know I can be better. A PR is exciting for a few minutes, then I’m always thinking about getting the next one. We are a special breed of go getters. Many of us never knew we even had that inside of us. Regardless of your ability level, everyone that walks into the gym has the same goal…be better than you were yesterday.

Our community turns people into better athletes, better friends, better people. I’m not exaggerating. If you aren’t familiar with what it is that goes on inside a CrossFit gym you might think I’m crazy. I am a little bit, but only because I love it and care about each one the souls that walk through those doors everyday.

When I walked into my first CrossFit gym (CrossFit Jenks) almost four years ago, they cared about me the moment I said, “Hi, I’m Ginny” and then proceed to be shy and quite. Yup, me, shy and quiet. Ha! They pushed me to get better. The Mr. and I would go home every night and rehash the events that took place in the gym that day. We talked about how much better so and so was getting or how disappointed we were in our own performance. Four years later almost nothing has changed, except we are better, know a little bit more and are probably a tad bit more enthusiastic than when we first started.

Even if The Games did not exist, I would still do this. I would still love this. I would still have the desire to push myself as far as I could go and then a bit more. I was reminded this week about how life changing this place can be. This is where people take back control of their lives, their health, their future. Outside my church home, there has never been a group so welcoming and caring. To the Berry’s (Jenks) and Boag’s (OKC) of the world, I say thank you. Thank you for changing and saving lives. Thank you telling us to keep moving when all we want to do is quit. Thank you being the first ones to tell us we could do what we thought we couldn’t.

While on the topic of being better….

I snatched 140# this week. Almost 10#’s over my bodyweight. By regionals my goal is to be into the 150’s. In true nerd fashion, I caught it on film and added some dramatic music to set the mood. Yes, my signature happy dance makes an appearance.


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