Here We Go

There are roughly 47 days until regionals. A lot can happen in 47 days. I plan on getting a lot better during these next 47. These next two months are going to be so much fun. The Open is over and everyone is focused on regionals. Our team members are working themselves into the ground. There is a great energy among everyone. I love seeing it.

CrossFit OKC is officially sending one team and two individuals to regionals. Too cool! It is exciting to think that this is my fourth year to compete. Of course, the first year I had no idea what I was doing. My max clean and jerk was 105# and I had to do that 30 times in the first WOD. Sheesh.

This year my focus is to go into regionals fearing nothing. Honestly, I feel pretty darn good about that right now. Obviously there are lots of things to improve upon, but I’m not worried about not being able to do anything. It is a good feeling.

My body looks like I have been used and abused. I feel like I need rest days now just from my bruises and tears to heal…not my muscles. Let me tell you, it is very hard to dress for a wedding when your legs and chest look like someone has taken a sledgehammer to them.

I officially finished The Open in 3rd…which of course doesn’t mean much. The thing, however, that I’m very happy with is that I did everything once and I kept the focus on my training. My goal was to be in the top ten taking this approach. I knew if I did that I was on the right track. When you do what you know how to do and you stay calm things just take care of themselves.


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