This weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Heath, Texas for the Outlaw Training Camp. I was surrounded by amazing athletes the entire weekend and I got a lot of great instruction as well.

Friday night was a lifting session. Due to fabulous Dallas traffic I walked in about thirty minutes late as the group was in the middle of snatching. We snatched and clean and jerked. I still have a lot to work on with both movements. After just a few cues here and there, however, I could feel a big difference. I caught 140 overhead in the snatch and lost it standing up. I’m always slightly forward. Extremely frustrating, but I know by perfecting that I’m going to see my numbers jump big time. That would have been a five-pound PR. I did PR my clean and jerk at 175. I have cleaned 175 and jerked 175, but never together. My jerk still needs a lot of work, but they showed me some really helpful things that are going to make a big difference.

Saturday morning we started off with the last workout of The Open. I got to witness some pretty impressive scores go up. My motivation to nail the chest to bar butterfly is at an all time high. We went through two more wods that day. I walked away from Saturday with a good idea of some things to work on, which is exactly what I wanted to get out of the weekend. Motivation!

Sunday was started off back squatting. I love squatting. However, I do some things incorrectly. I’m excited to fix those flaws and see my strength increase even more. Post squatting we did some gymnastics work. Handstand holds, walks, shoulder touches and muscle ups. I’m trying to work on fading back into my muscle up rather than resisting into the dip. I did it a couple of times fairly well, but it feels very different. It is going to take a lot of work, but I know it will be a helpful thing to be able to do. We finished off with a gymnastics WOD of hspu’s, muscle ups and rowing. I was happy to move through the last wod very well. I have never considered any of those movements strengths of mine, but I felt really strong in all of them. Funny how working on your weaknesses actually makes you better. 🙂

Minus the nasty rope burns on my right leg, I feel sore, but great. I learned so much this weekend and I think it gave me a really good boost going into the next two months before regionals! A big thanks to Rudy, Laura, CrossFit Heath and the rest of the Outlaw crew for  putting on such a great weekend!


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