Double Grace

Tuesday was a day of legs.

Oh how I love heavy back squat. 10 x 2 @ 220. I’ve been working hard and staying upright out of the bottom. When things get heavy my core breaks down a little. It is getting better!

I have always had a love hate relationship with Grace. Tuesday was a double Grace day. AM – Grace, PM – Squat Clean Grace w/ 105#. I’ve been dreading it for quite a while. In theory,  I love the workout. 95# clean and jerks are fun. However, I never seem to get in the right rhythm or I burn out too fast. I’m never happy with my performance on Grace.

Typically, I just go until I can’t hold onto the bar anymore. This time, I decided to play around with my rep scheme more. I’ve been doing that a lot more in my wods. I used to just think “go unbroken”. However, “unbroken” isn’t always the fastest when your reps slow down. Sure, I keep moving, but now I want to be fast.

I decided to keep up sets of five as long as I could handle it. From there I would go to three and after that singles. I think I found my groove! I PR’ed Grace by 18 seconds, which I think is huge! The best part, was that I still felt calm and in control at the end. I wasn’t on the ground dying.

That evening I came back to the gym to go through some sled drags and 2008 Games Grace. We used 105#. They actually used 100# at the Games that year. Full squat clean and overhead. I got in a great rhythm and stayed close to the bar. To say my legs were on fire by the end of the day is an understatement. Thank goodness for TED hose!


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