Community and The Open

Last year when CrossFit announced that there was not going to be a sectional, but rather an online “CrossFit Open”, I was really bummed. I loved the sectional. Our sectional in 2010 was one of my favorite CrossFit competitions ever. There were tons of people who competed for the first time and it had that electric competitive atmosphere that CrossFitters love. It also had a horrible burpee/sled pull wod that my legs did not love.

How was The Open going to replicate that? How was everyone going to be held to the same standard? Although I still miss going head to head with all the girls in what would be our sectional area, I’m starting to love The Open. Here is why….

CrossFit OKC has thirty-eight individuals competing in The Open. Last year we took two individuals and a team of six to regionals. We had an entourage of what felt like one hundred cheering us on.  This past weekend I saw guys PR their snatch at 135 and proceed to get multiple, solid reps. I saw ladies who had never snatched more than a barbell make it through 60 reps with ease. I see energy  and excitement within our members. I see everyone fighting for every single rep and not giving up. They stick around the gym for two and half hours to cheer on others even if they aren’t competing. We really are building community through The Open. Even more exciting, I’m starting to see the fire in some of them. They are already talking about what they can do to improve in the next year to give it a real go in 2013. Love it.

Sure, I have my doubts about how everyone runs their Open wods. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying there are people who are not sticking to standards and letting things fly that will not come April, May and especially in July. However, all that will be weeded out at regionals. You better come prepared.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing these first two weeks of The Open have been for me. I’m feeling good and confident. I’m sitting in eighth in the North Central region right now. I’m not stressed or worried. I’m working on weaknesses and getting stronger everyday. I PR’ed my thruster by 10 pounds yesterday. 165. It felt amazing. I’m building more and more confidence day by day.

I finished in 16th in WOD 2 with 90 reps. I gave myself thirty seconds for one attempt at 120. By the time I got my plates on it was just enough time to put my hands on the bar and pull. I failed. I wish I could have had about thirty more seconds to compose myself, get set and get one really good attempt in. 120 is a weight I feel extremely confident with even power snatching. It sure does feel a lot heavier after 90 snatches though! I watched so many people burn out early that I really tried to pace and not fatigue too fast. I have massive respect and admiration for those ladies that got into the 90+ range. Awesome work!

Three more weeks to go.


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