One and Done…

I have a confession to make….

I did the Open WOD Wednesday night, twenty minutes after it was released on a total whim. I had zero plans of doing it that evening. I hung around the gym with a few others waiting for it to be posted. It is a lot more fun to see it with other people rather than by yourself. It is fantastic to see the facial expressions everyone makes. Some of joy, some of complete horror…love it.  What I hated was not telling others I did it. I kept my number close to my chest until Saturday. I never planned on doing it again, but I still couldn’t bring myself to shout it out. Looking back, I feel silly, but The Open can make you do silly things.

A member of ours was heading out of town Wednesday evening so I had planned to stay and cheer him on in whatever the fun 12.1 wod was going to be. When seven minutes of burpees popped up I just couldn’t let him do it by himself. Three of us decided to give it a go. Holy smokes was that a good one. It was soon dubbed “The Ryan Gosling WOD”, by a certain member. ::cough, cough, Katy, cough, cough::

Looking back, it would have been nice to have had a few days to think more about rep counts and strategy. It also would have been nice to be fresh. However, to me, burpees are a “can you make yourself go” kind of movement.  You can move for seven minutes or you can’t.

I spent the next four days watching the leaderboard going from “I think I did really well” to, “oh my gosh I’m getting my butt kicked”. I went back and forth between those about ten times. Finally, I settled into a nice calm mindset.  I’m sitting in 13th after WOD 1. Much better than the catastrophe that was 11.1 last year.  This year, my only goal with The Open is to get to regionals. That is why I’m training. The ego in all of us wants to see our names high on the leaderboard, but the competitor in me would rather see me finish in the top three at Regionals…not The Open.

Having made this decision early on, to do the wods only once, has made me feel so much calmer. I can focus on my training and not what everyone else is doing. Yes, it is easy to say and hard to put into practice, but I’m doing it. Everyone has different goals and will do what they need to do to achieve them whether it be make their team, get to regionals or finish higher than someone they like to compete against. I’m not knocking the people that chose to redo the wods at all. I did it last year.  I just know this year I need my sanity more than I need a higher score.  I’m so proud of our OKC team! We had some amazing performances and everyone’s head is in the right place. Keep getting stronger, keep getting faster.

In other news,

I completed my first Sprint Triathlon this Sunday! It was so much fun. I can see how people really get into those….and I hate riding a bike. This was an indoor event so it was great for my first to be a little bit more low key. I’m anxious now to do a road race! This was a 300m swim, 8 mile bike, 5K run. I finished in 53 minutes. Not too shabby for a newbie! Thankfully, my swimming background helps me out a lot.  Most surprising was that the run felt really good. I kept a great pace and my lungs never felt taxed. YAY endurance!

Last weekend a USAW sanctioned Oly meet and this weekend a sprint triathlon. What is next?


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