Time For a Break!

I’m leaving tomorrow very early in the AM for a much need trip to the mountains. I’m ready for snow, fresh air and evenings spent in the hot tub. I think, no, I know, five days away from the gym and life as I know it will serve me well. I’m leaving on a really good note. I have been having some very positive and encouraging training weeks. In the last two weeks I have:

*Hit a bodyweight snatch…finally.

*PR’ed my handstand walk…again.  I really like walking on my hands now.

*Can consistently bound out of a 24 inch box jump. Yes, no more concrete feet! YAY! I’m officially bouncy.

*Overcome my fear of a heavy snatch balance, which means I expect to keep increasing my snatch numbers.

*PR’ed Elizabeth, 1/2 Weighted Cindy and my 2K row.

I’m happy to leave for a break feeling so positive.  I’m ready to frolic in the snow .


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