Fittest Games

Last weekend I traveled to Austin, Texas to compete in The Fittest Games. It was my absolute favorite event I have ever, ever, ever competed in. I competed in the Pro division which meant you had to have qualified for a regional in 2011. Our group was stacked. We had four girls that had been to The Games as individuals, a few that had competed at The Games on team and a lot of girls that finished very competitively in their region the year before. Yes, this was basically a regional and it was awesome.

The first event was a Pro Combine. It was composed of three events:  A Shuttle Run (7th), Broad Jump (15th)  and Med Ball Throw (9th). I ended up 12th overall in the first event. To say I was annoyed with myself is an understatement. Jumping for height and distance has always been a short coming of mine. Just reassurance that I need to keep working! It was a really fun event. I finished .07 from 2nd place on the shuttle run….you can’t even stop a stopwatch in .07 seconds. If you can if you have the fastest thumbs in the world.  

Photo courtesy of Matt Block

The second event was awesome. We had four minutes to find a one rep max ground to overhead with a strongman log. If you haven’t played with a strongman log before, do it. It is the most awkward thing in the world. After that we had two minutes rest followed by one minute of max reps of overhead squat at your bodyweight. The weight was set for us. We weighed in the day before. I was 132# which put me at a 135# overhead squat. If you weighed in at 130.1# you were doing 135#. 135.1# had to go up to 140#. We did not get to take it from a rack. You could drop it and re-clean it if needed.

I made 125# on the strongman log (6th) missing 135 twice. I couldn’t find my way under that log. 140# won the event. You can’t even equate the strongman log to a typical clean and jerk. It is so different. I had eight unbroken reps on the overhead squat (2nd). I felt incredibly solid. I wish I could have kept going just to see how many I could have gotten if there wasn’t a time limit. 9 reps won the event…the amazing Lisa Thiel! I finished 4th overall in WOD 2.

The third event was incredibly fun! It was called “The Muster”. 1-5 muscle ups and 5-1 thruster. So….1 muscle up, 5 thrusters, 2 muscle ups, 4 thrusters….and so on. Our thrusters went 75#, 95#, 115#, 125# and 135#. We had to change out our own weights. I probably could have been a lot faster in that department, however my muscle ups felt great, my thrusters felt great and I finished 4th on this event with a time of 5:12. It was a little bit of redemption from regionals as my 135# thruster felt like an empty bar.

Last WOD of the day. 12-10-8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, Deadlifts (225#), Box Jump Over 20 inches. I was 5th going into the last event. I actually feel like this is my kind of WOD, but I did not finish the way I wanted. The box jump overs were something I had not done before. No portion of your body could ever touch the box. It all felt great until the last round and my C2B fell apart. I dropped off the bar with one rep left and stood on the ground looking up….looking up….looking up. The smallest things make the biggest difference. One flippin’ rep.  I finished in 5:55 putting me in 8th on this event. This moved me to 6th overall for the day. Everyone’s backs were destroyed before that last WOD. The strongman log definitely got to all of us more than we realized. I am axious to try this WOD again.

To say I was happy I finished 6th would be a total lie. I kept telling myself, “You did great. 6th is just a number that means nothing”. Those things are true. I did do great. Really great. 6th is a number. I was one point out of 5th and four points out of 4th. It doesn’t count yet. I still believe with all my heart I’m a top three girl. I just haven’t proved it yet.  However, every time I compete I learn something new about myself and what I need to do to get better. I do think this was one of my best overall competitions in a long time and definitely gave me more confidence.  Some things that were confirmed to me this weekend: I can beat anybody, I’m just as strong as anyone, I have the ability to get where I want to be by May. Other things that were confirmed to me this weekend: I still have a lot to get better at….mainly mental things.

The Fittest Games was a very well run event. There was so much going on during the day. Team competitions, Masters, Amateur and Pro and it all ran smoothly. There were four competition areas going at the same time. I have competed with some of the best females in the area over the last few months which has made me so much better. Plus, they are all fantastic people. Candice Ruiz took 1st, Lisa Thiel 2nd and Amanda Schwartz 3rd. It is going to be fun to see what happens in the South Central this year. There is a ton of competition!

Now what….

Keep training smart and hard. Keep eating clean. Work my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Make my strengths stronger. Learn to do new things. Have fun. Believe.


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