Keep On Keeping On

Yesterday was rough. I would have tackled a small child for a handful of cereal. I mean it, I would have thrown them down to the ground for a bag of Cheerios, Froot Loops or anything that crunched. It is the first day in two weeks I have really “craved” something naughty. As you know I’m going no grain, no (processed) sugar indefinitely. I feel too good to put a cap on it. However, yesterday I was so tired for meat, eggs, veggies and nuts that I wanted to scream.

My car was in the shop and my husband was on call at the hospital so I was all alone. No one would have ever known. It would have been my little dirty secret. Good thing I don’t have junk in the house or it could have been disastrous. I kept trying to keep the cravings away by drinking lots and lots of water. That helped. A lot.

It was a twelve-hour rough patch that ended well. I pulled through and today I feel fan-freaking-tastic. Maybe that is because I have been enjoying meals like this on a daily basis.

Grass fed peppered steak, steamed broccoli, sautéed mushrooms and avocado. My husband said it was the best dinner of his life. I’m sure that isn’t true, but it was really nice of him to say.

Last week was another great training week in the books. I PR’ed my overhead squat (as I previously posted about), my power clean and…..drum roll please….my split jerk! Yes, after months and months of utter failure with this lift I finally started getting under the weight and not pressing it out at the top. There is hope for me yet. I hit 175# easy and failed at 180#. Boo. However, give me a few months and I will be hitting 185# or more. I will be clean and jerking that weight too. It is going to be legen..wait for it..dary.

Here is my 170# power clean PR on Friday. It felt great. I jumped to 180# after this and missed it. I have the slowest elbows in the world. That stupid weight hit me in the collar-bone four times. I kept jumping around after each attempt yelling, “I’ve got it! I’ve got it! I’ve got it”. I can be a little dramatic sometimes. I’ve got it next time.

I’m reading Tim Tebow’s book Through My Eyes. I’m four chapters in and so far it is pretty interesting. From the beginning he sounds like the most ultra competitive person on the planet…which I love. He talks about The Heisman Trophy Ceremony in 2008 when he lost out to OU’s Sam Bradford. That is the same year Florida and OU met in the BCS Championship Game.  Tebow recalls after the ceremony that as he was walking out he saw his Coach Urban Meyer and one of the other assistants who were both upset he lost. All he did was mouth to them “Game On”. Florida won. How incredibly awesome is that?

I’m heading to The Fittest Games in Austin this weekend. I’m beyond excited about the event. Lots of incredible competition.  I’m confident and excited. Game on!

P.S. Today is my half birthday. My birthday is the day after The Games. Now that would be a great way to say good-bye to my 20’s!


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