My Day

Is there anything better than a rest day? I mean really, a well deserved and needed rest day is the most amazing thing in the world. Thursday is my day. I get to sleep in a bit, I spend most of the day tending to my media business and my dogs and then I get stretched.

I know I’m doing something right. The last two weeks I have been wiped out. Once I get into bed and I can’t keep my eyes open to save my life. I’m sleeping hard and waking up rejuvenated. My WODs are going great and I’m feeling incredibly strong. However, by Wednesday about 5PM I am ready for my 36 hours of nothing. The good thing is, by Friday, I feel like a million bucks again. In the past, even after a rest day, I still felt iffy on Friday. I know my nutrition is enabling me to go hard and recover better than ever.

Last night I got home from the gym about 6PM. I took a shower and got into bed…immediately. I got back out of bed around 8PM to make three eggs for dinner and I ended up falling asleep a little after 9PM. I woke up this morning and immediately got into a epsom salt bath. It. Was. Awesome. I have been smelling lavender all day. Talk about relaxing!

I’m writing all of this more than anything to remind myself how important and beneficial actual rest is for my body and sanity. Today part of me really wants to pick up a barbell or walk around on my hands. However, I can do that tomorrow. Today is devoted to healing, rest and recovery.

Make sure you do the same thing. Take a day or two for you. It doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your house and not move, but take it easy. Stretch out, calm your mind, eat great (clean) food and maybe do a load or two or laundry. 🙂

P.S. My wrists are recovering very well! Thank goodness I’m a fast healer!

Happy rest day to all!


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