On A Mission

Yesterday I PR’ed my overhead squat, 160# after a 10 x 3 of heavy banded back squats. It was easy. Really, really, really easy. I decided to bypass 165# and go straight for 170#. I failed getting that weight off my back twice.  I suck at getting weight overhead. Actually, I don’t suck and getting weight overhead, I suck and dropping under weight in a jerk like you are supposed to. That bar was a good four inches over my head (I have it on video so I can vouch for that), but my body doesn’t drop at all. It was like I was frozen.  I basically push press everything. 160#….push press. 170# attempt….push press. Fail. Frustrated.

I let myself get nervous when I can’t see the bar. It is so stupid and frustrating. That is something that hinders me with the snatch and the jerk. Any kind of fast movement under the bar when it goes overhead, I’m done. It is a big weakness that needs some serious attention. This morning I went through some jerk work with the push jerk and spilt jerk.

Today I got a little better. I will get a little bit better tomorrow too….

I’m on a mission.


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