Celebrate The Small Stuff

I’ve always tried to “not sweat the small stuff”. My best friend made me a card that said this in high school because I would flip out over tests and grades and life in general. It also included lots of pictures of Justin Timberlake who is officially off the market now. Bummer. Yes, I was that girl. I had to be a high achiever in everything I did and it wore me out. I still have the card to this day and it always makes me pause and calm my wacky brain. Thanks Angela! I think this is why I can/try to stay fairly positive in general about most things.  However, at the same time, it is the small things that make a big difference so I should be making a big deal about them while not obsessing, freaking out and neglecting other things. Not pretty.  I should celebrate the small victories, learn from the small set backs, have a game plan and move forward. I’m trying to find something positive to take from each day I train and carry that positivity onto the next day. Small victories add up to bigger ones down the road.

Five days into 2012…..So far the worst thing that has happened to us is leaving a New Year’s Eve party early and finding out two days ago that Kody’s name was drawn to win a $100 Rogue Gift Card. We weren’t there. We didn’t win. In the words of Wade Bittle….My fitness is ruined….

On to my small victories so far in 2012! 

I’m currently going no sugar, no grain, no dairy. Pretty much Whole 30 without saying Whole 30 because I plan to maintain this through July aka The Games. I’m allowing myself the smallest amount of fruit. Typically I like to go to fruit for my carbs. I’m trying to lean on the veggies and use fruit (berries!) right after I work out! Yes, there will be some slight deviation here and there , but no more back and forth (eat clean, eat whatever I want). All in.

My husband works an unpredictable schedule, which makes preparing dinner a challenge sometimes. Last night was a later night for him and I was getting hungry. Don’t make me get hangry people! I do my best to wait for him so we can eat together because I like having dinner with my husband. I started craving our favorite….Chik Fil A. True story, I love those nuggets! Instead of caving into my desires, I went to my DVR for motivation. I’ve posted about this before, but nothing gets me more fired up than watching 2011 Year of the QB Tim Tebow: Everything In Between. (It has been saved on our DVR since February 2011). He is a freaking beast. Nothing gets in his way. Despite what you may think about his beliefs, ability on the field, etc…. he is a master of work ethic. I admire that so much about him. I think he is all around fantastic. The only thing I craved after watching that was keeping on my solid path….and becoming friends with Tim Tebow. Victory!

2012 training has gone well. After a horrible (mentally) training Monday morning, I came back to the gym that evening and PR’ed Fran by 19 seconds. I was losing a battle with the bar during some bar muscle ups on Tuesday, but pulled it together and knocked out six. Victory! I just recently started getting these and they are still a work in progress. Some days are easy and some days I still feel stupid. Yesterday I put up a pretty solid score on a power clean (150#), push up, double under wod. Three rounds of 50 doubles unbroken during a wod. First for me on the doubles and the heaviest PC I’ve used in a met con. Didn’t miss a single one. Victory!

I’ve been in bed by 10PM each evening, I’m sleeping really well and today is a much-needed and deserved rest day. Hooray!

What have been your small victories so far this new year?


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