Is This The Year of The New You?

Let me begin by wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

January can be an intimidating, frustrating, exciting and overwhelming month. As a society, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves do be better in the new year. Eat better, work out more, be nicer, excel in our career, become something we weren’t the year before….    exhausting!

For the majority of people, resolutions will hold up a month or two. You’ll see large numbers at any gym you attend and by March it will return to normal. I went to Whole Foods yesterday at 2PM and it was like opening day. Everyone was stocking up on the “good for you food” for the new year. (P.S. organic cookies are not a health food people!) I wonder how many will keep that up even into next week?

I say this to make one point. Changes don’t have to be drastic. There just needs to be change!

About a month ago I attended a goal setting seminar with Aly RX Star from Austin, Texas. It is a program geared towards women to help them set out goals for themselves in CrossFit and all other aspects of life. I got a lot out of it as I know the other ladies in attendance did too. We talked a lot about was what our individual goals were, why we were setting that goal and how to go about reaching that goal.

She told us our goals needed to be SMART. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Results. Timeframe. She asked us to make sure whatever our goal was that it could live up to these five things. I absolutely love this. It forces you to not only think hard about what you want to accomplish, but also how you are going to accomplish it.

This year, instead of saying “I am going to eat a better diet” try saying “I am going to have five homemade meals a week made with healthy, clean ingredients for the next three months”.  This is a specific goal. You can measure it (did you cook at home or not…easy). It is easily attainable (as long as you plan!). You will see results. You gave yourself a timeframe. You have already given yourself a plan to achieved your original goal of “eating a better diet”. Boom!

The past few months one of my big goals was to be able to walk on my hands. If you check out my goals page, you’ll see that I have made some massive improvement in this area! 20 feet! How did I go about reaching this goal? I set a specific one. Once I knew I could balance on my hands it was setting a goal distance, 20 feet. It is measurable and results driven because I knew how far I wanted to go and I could see the progress by how much my distance increased each time I attempted a handstand walk. I also set a side one night a week to go to a gymnastics class to specifically work on this goal.  I didn’t give myself a specific timeframe, but within three months my goal was achieved!

The hardest part once you set your goal is figuring out how to make it happen. This SMART way of thinking about your goal setting helps take some of the guess-work out! If you set a goal, but don’t set specificity around it then you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

STAR. Simple tactics achieve results. Like I said earlier, the change doesn’t have to be drastic, there just needs to be change!

What are some of your goals for 2012?

My biggest….Carson, California in July.


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