Band Squats

I’ve been very vocal in the past about my love of squatting. It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel lean. It revs my metabolism like nobody’s business. I haven’t been squatting regularly for the last month. I know it has been good to give my joints and muscles a little break, but now it is back to the grind!

We purchased some bands from Rogue Fitness a few weeks ago. We got the three pack with blue, green and black. We rigged up our power rack in our garage for some band squatting. We have two attachments at the bottom courtesy of my husband. Last night was our first go at the band squat.

For Kody’s birthday he wanted Westside Explosive Power Training for Sports DVD. We are a funny pair. Being the fabulous wife that I am, I purchased it for him. I knew it was really for me so I was pretty excited. Box squatting with bands was the first item on the agenda this week. This is what was supposed to happen last night….


Now, we don’t have the same rig Westside Barbell does. Unfortunately, this limited the space and box squatting with the band became frustrating to say the least. I couldn’t get my foot position out far enough with where our rack and wall are located. Boo. It caused the band to pull in really funny and not correct directions.  I have the bruises on my back/shoulders to prove it. After determining that we simply did not have the space to box squat with bands, we decided to just band squat sans box. While I will still work the box squat, band squatting alone is going to be awesome.

I worked some light sets last night @135 just to get a feel for how the bands react. It is crazy how much they change the squat. The goal with the band squatting is to increase my explosion out of the bottom of the squat. This is going to help with tons of elements of my CrossFit. Running, jumping and overall strength. I’m trying to get my hamstrings on par with my quads. I have a long way to go! However, since I love to squat I think I will really enjoy the next few weeks of these band squats.


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