Stretch U – Stretch Me!

I am not flexible. I can’t touch my toes. You may start laughing now.

There is nothing about stretching I enjoy. It is uncomfortable and frustrating. It is the one part of my training I seriously neglect on purpose. I’m not proud of it, but it is a fact. I mobilize after wods…usually. I preach mobilizing to my classes every day, but I’m a horrible example. I try to sit in front of the TV sometimes to stretch at home, but I end up just lying on the floor doing nothing. I’m hopeless.

I have come to the point now that to get better at certain movements, my flexibility has to improve. Although I try to hit a yoga class every now and then (come home soon Katy Jones!), I need some dedicated stretching time that is unavoidable (meaning I paid for it so I better go!).

Yesterday I checked out Stretch U in Nichols Hills. Stretch U has been around for about one year. The first session is free so I had nothing to lose! Fransisco met me at the door with a friendly face. He actually is very familiar with CrossFit which made me really happy! The outfit is set up with four tables and four flat screen TV’s mounted in front of each one. Soccer was on the schedule yesterday. Score. They said they get athletes and non atheltes….a lot of golfers especially.

They asked me about my goals and we talked about CrossFit and college sports. I wore my Gator socks! I felt very comfortable from the beginning. They took me through very basic stretches. Calves, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, IT band, and some shoulder work. Yes, this probably something I could have my husband take me through a couple of times a week, but if I’m 100% honest I know I won’t do it. The entire session took about thirty minutes. I made faces (shocker) and whimpered like a sad puppy. They didn’t laugh at me when legs and arms didn’t want to move too far. They were very good about listening to me when I told them “stop there” and didn’t try to go further than I was comfortable or able.

I’m set up to start going twice a week for a month just to see how it goes. I’m excited about the idea of increasing my hip and hamstring flexibility. Maybe it will help my pistols not look so gangstafied. Today I feel awesome. I feel stretched. Nothing they did hurt me in any way, shape or form.

I highly recommend everyone check them out if you live in the OKC area! Remember, your first stretch is free even if you don’t print the coupon out on their web page. They have lots of different packages ranging from once a week to three times a week for a year. On average, it comes out to about $20ish a session depending on how many you buy. Yes, it is a bit on the expensive side, but it is something I am willing to test out. It is a big weakness of mine!

Whether you find someone to stretch you or you do it on your own, stretching and mobilizing are incredibly important as an athlete and non athlete. Not only can stretching help improve performance, but it can help decrease the risk to injury.  It can also help improve circulation of blood flow to muscles.

Stretching is probably the number one overlooked part of training (guilty!). Don’t neglect it for another day. Go get your stretch on!

*CrossFit OKC’ers….I left cards and brochures on the front desk at the gym if anyone is interested. The brochures have the free session coupon.


2 thoughts on “Stretch U – Stretch Me!

  1. I’ll be back shortly Mrs. King! Don’t feel bad about not being flexi-bendy…believe it or not, you’re starting in a better position than those people because you’re already strong. It won’t take much work to get you flexible because you know how to engage your muscles and not just the attachments. A lot of folks who are ridiculously flexible just have loose attachments, and it’s much harder for them to work to kick their muscles into gear in a stretch. Something to think about when you’re making those faces.
    I’ve been thinking up a ton of sequences for crossfitters…so pumped!
    See you soon!

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