Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you are taking this day to completely rest and indulge or try new paleo friendly Thanksgiving dishes and hit a 5K, I hope this post finds you happy and healthy!

I’m resting and indulging.

I hope everyone takes a few moments out of their day to think about all you have been blessed with even if your situation seems gloomy.

Thankful for….

  • My husband who loves me, thinks I’m funny and believes that I can accomplish anything.
  • A family that loves me despite my many flaws.
  • A roof over my head and the means to pay our bills on time (as long as I remember!)
  • My two silly, spunky baby black dogs.
  • Barbells.
  • To live in a country where I am free to say what I feel and write what I think.
  • The men and women who defend my freedom every day all over the world.
  • My CrossFit families in OKC, Jenks and Michigan.
  • Hot bubble baths.
  • Friends who have stuck by me for years and years and years.
  • The dog park.
  • My strength, both of mind and body.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut butter.
  • An always forgiving and loving God.
  • My health and the health of my loved ones.
  • Rest days.

I am blessed. Be thankful for the big things and the little things. Tell those around you that you love them. Enjoy the beautiful weather and for the love stuff your face today and smile about it. 🙂

Happy Turkey Day!






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