Bring It On

While coaching the 9AM and 11AM classes today at CrossFit OKC, these were being made outside….

Atlas stones! That is right, we are going to be strong-manning it up soon. It is kind of like Christmas. Seriously, I love new toys…especially the ones that make you feel like an idiot the first few times you use them. I know, that sounds weird. Who wants to feel like they can’t do something? I remember when I first learned to flip a tire. I kept thinking to myself, “I’m strong enough to do this. Why is this not working and why do I feel so stupid?” Then you get the hang of it and then you feel invincible. It is a pretty sweet feeling. That is one of the things I love about CrossFit. Achieving things that you think you can’t.

A word to my Skillz and Drills class….be prepared. 🙂

Speaking of things that make me feel stupid, my newest skill I’m focusing on is the L-sit rope climb. We recently purchased the short climbing rope from Rogue. It is the perfect size to hang from our pull up bar in our garage. It isn’t long enough to actually climb, but if you want to work grip strength and leg free climbing at home this rope is money! I had attempted these maybe three times total prior to this week. Let’s just say I’m trying really hard to have a smile on my face while I go through them. Not my favorite thing, but something that I’m excited to master!

When you start working on something that you currently can’t do and get frustrated, just remind yourself of all the things you couldn’t do when you started and now you can! I had a really long list of “I Will Never Be Able To Do” and now it is getting a lot smaller. I guess being stubborn has some positives.


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