Baby Steps

I have been to about seven gymnastic classes. When I started, I could not hold a handstand to save my life. My “walk” was me flailing about with an ugly bent back and absolutely no control. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting better. This is a short handstand walk from three weeks ago.

Now, it isn’t Games material by any means, but look at that! I’m tight and my legs are straight. I actually kind of look like I have a slight idea about what I am doing. Huge progress! There is hope!

Every time I come home Kody asks me how gymnastics went. Last night I told him how I’m getting more and more consistent being able to walk longer distances AND I’m holding a handstand in general for a much longer time.  Apparently, I tell him the same thing every week. However, that isn’t a bad thing at all. Every week I am getting better and more consistent. Every week I am feeling more confident in my gymnastics skills.

I’m finally learning how to control the distance of my “steps” without throwing myself out of balance. This is my biggest problem with the handstand walk. If I feel my center of gravity shift, I overcompensate too quickly throwing the whole thing off. I’m figuring out that small strides with my arms is where the money is.

Last night we spent a lot of time just holding a handstand and moving around…not neccesarily walking. Forwards, backwards, side to side, turning, etc. We focused on correcting our bodies when we got out of position. I’m getting a lot better at saving my handstand and not crashing.

My new mission is now to increase my forearm strength. I have an obvious weakness in grip. Toes to bar, hang anything and deadlift holds. Awful. I was told last night that forearm strength can help my handstand walk a lot as well. Bonus! I had huge forearms in college. We rolled dumbbells on string up and down all the time. It was so painful, but it was extremely helpful for hitting power. I hated having a forearm bump aka muscle. Now, I think I actually miss it. Funny how things change.

I love new projects! Happy training everyone!


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