Consistency and Strength

It is time to get my butt in gear.

I took it a little easy last week after GODAI. I hit a few wods, did a little endurance rowing (ack!) and worked on some lifts. Now the next few weeks I have to be consistent and on my game. Sleep, diet, strength, endurance, skills…all of it. If I’m going to compete, I want to do it right.

December 10th is the 3rd Annual All Cities Open in Dallas hosted by Dallas Central CrossFit. I. Am. So. Excited. This will be a great competition to prep all of us for Open’s which are going to be here before we know it. I swear regionals just finished…

There are going to be a lot of great competitors from Texas and Oklahoma going head to head. This is a great opportunity to see where I am at in my training and what I really need to focus on for the next few months, although I’m pretty sure I have a good general idea of what I am lacking. I have days where I feel like no one can touch me and then days where I feel like I should just quit. In the last 48 hours I have had two or three moments of each. Now the goal is consistency.

Yesterday morning I started the day with some power cleans. Typically, I really enjoy this lift. Just a month ago I was barely missing 175. Never got it, but knew I had it. Yesterday, I couldn’t clean 160 to save my life. 155 was probably the ugliest thing you had ever seen. Frustrated. Instead of continuing on with a WOD, I decided to get some work done come back later that evening. I needed a fresh mindset.

The evening started with 3×5 thrusters from the ground, no rack. This is another lift I really like, but hardly work into my training as strength. I hit 103-113-123 for sets of 5. I went onto 133 and made it through four reps. I felt pretty good with this since my max thruster (non rack) is 155. Our WOD was 5 rounds of 15 Box Jumps (24 inch) and 15 Toes to Bar. Despite these being two of my least favorite movements on the planet, I felt good and ended the day on a positive note.

This morning was our last session of bench during our current strength program. My current max is 145. I have felt super strong on bench the last few weeks. I was hitting 4×1 at 140 last week easy and multiples at135 the week before. Today we worked heavy singles up to our max. I went 130, 140, 145. 145 felt solid. Not light, but it came right up. There was not a doubt in my mind about making 150 or 155….until I attempted it. UGH. 150 just sat on my chest laughing at me. I felt so discouraged. Six weeks of bench work and no improvement in my max. What gives?

I’ve had time to think about it and here is my conclusion: I’m way too focused on max numbers. Yes, maxes are great. In competition if they test 1RM you need to be strong. However, what I fail to realize all the time is that even if my maxes aren’t jumping in some lifts like I want them to, my multiples just under my max have gotten extremely strong. I rocked out a 3 x 5 overhead squat at 135 two weeks ago. I did a happy dance. Six weeks ago I would not have been hitting multiples at 135 or more than one single at 140 on bench. Now it is a weight I will never ever miss. A month ago 115 on a snatch was iffy for me. (Sad, but true.) Now I hit it every time. My max hasn’t jumped…but it will. I just need to give it time. I am getting a lot stronger. When heavy WODs come up, I’m going to have no problems. I may not win a 1RM snatch, clean, bench, or deadlift right now….but someday I will.

Strength is not just defined by a 1RM. I will not let my 1RM numbers define my strength.


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