What a weekend! I’m going to try to give a brief play by play of how it all went down on Saturday, but I’m sure I will fail miserably. 🙂

Saturday was the first ever GODAI Elements Competition in New Braunfels, Texas. CrossFit Central hosted the event.  We had three athletes from CrossFit OKC make the trip. Kameron and I competed together as a team, while Brad competed in the male individual competition. Basically, the event was a multi-terrain event that tested the ten physical skills within the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void. Very cool concept! Twenty three teams of one male and one female battled it out all day Saturday.

WOD 1: Earth and Water = 2 mile trail run and 200 meter swim.

There were two heats. One male and one female regardless of if you were a team or individual. The guys went first, ladies second. The sun was barely rising and it was very chilly. We took off on two laps around the Texas Ski Ranch. The trail was very manageable except for the first 200 meters which were through what used to be another body of water. The ground was pure mud. Needless to say, many of us came out of it with shoes covered in earth. 🙂 For those who know me, I was a bit terrified of the two-mile run. I’m a decent runner, but I’m not a “runner” anymore. Thankfully, it was not a regionals repeat!  I stayed right in the middle of the pack.  I knew I would make up time in the water, but honestly you can’t make up too much ground on a 200 meter swim if you are too far behind the leaders. I learned that I am really slow at transitions as I spent about a full minute in the transition area. I know this because it is on film and flat-out embarrassing.  I thought I would just kick my shoes off, but the caked on mud made them a bit too slippery for that. It was comical. Onto the swim….I was so excited. Running into the water it felt OK. I was prepared for it to be ice-cold. I was optimistic until my chest submerged. My lungs literally felt like they quit working. I couldn’t get a breath. I quickly realized I would have to change my plan. I ended up backstroking about 150 meters. Once I finally adjusted to the temperature I went to freestyle the last stretch. I made up quite a bit of ground in the water. Kameron was super strong on the run and he held his own well on the swim! I know he was not excited about that swim. As a team, Kameron and I finished 6th overall in the first event. Brad finished 12th overall for the men.

WOD 2: GODAI Total = 20 minutes, 1 bar, Find max shoulder press, front squat and dead lift.

We ran through this WOD the week before just to get our timing down. We knew we would have enough time for each of us to make four to five attempts per lift assuming we didn’t have anything weird happen. During our run through, which I wrote about last week, we didn’t try to max out everything. The Total went just as well as we had hoped. We started with shoulder press. I hit 95 and 105, which matches my PR. I didn’t want to waste time going for 110.  I had missed 105 the week before so I was very happy to knock it out without too much trouble. Kameron worked up to 175. We moved to front squat. The week before I made 200, which was a 13 pound PR. I was fresh on that day and on this day we had just done the run/swim about an hour before. I went 135, 165, 185, 200 and then 205! PR! It felt awesome. I was beyond excited and felt like I had another five or ten in me, but due to time we moved on. Kameron hit a PR at 345! He went for 355 and missed so we moved onto the DL. Oh the dead lift. How I have struggled mentally with this lift for so long. 300 lingers over me…..taunting me. I hit 225, 265, 295 (matched my PR). I was feeling good so I was ready to go to 300, but Kameron encouraged me to just go for 305. Ugh. Last time I attempted 305, a few weeks prior, I could barely get it off the ground. I felt weak. This day, however, I pulled up and locked it out with out too much of a struggle. Finally! Kameron went on to completely demolish the dead lift. He got up to 505 and then fought for a super impressive 515 which matched his PR. Our combined total was 1650. The catch with this event was that they divided your total by your team’s total bodyweight. We were one of the smaller teams weighing in at 304 (Me at 133 and Kameron at 171). We won the total! The coolest thing was, despite being one of the smallest teams, we would have won the total by 45 pounds regardless of our bodyweight. We jumped to first over all after winning the total.

Brad hit a PR on his dead lift and finished 9th on the total!

WOD 3: AIR = 100 Ab mat Sit Ups (Cash In)  21-15-9 Squat Snatch (115/75) Cluster (115/75) Bar Facing Burpees and then 100 Double Unders (Cash Out)

Nothing more CrossFitty than this one. We moved through it well. We basically broke up the main part of the WOD (21-15-9) into sets of five. This was a really good plan for us as we never really had to set the bar down during our individual reps. We finished second in this event and stayed in first overall. I also want to take this opportunity to say there is nothing I hate more than bar facing burpees and I am awful at them.

Brad finished 6th in this event and moved into 6th overall.

WOD 4: FIRE = 30 second L Sit, 30 second atlas stone shouldering (125/75), 30 second max distance handstand walk, 30 second max distance zercher carry (315/225).

Well, this WOD consisted of two things I had never done before (atlas and zercher) and two things I’m not very good at (L Sit and handstand walk). The team format was  bit different from the individuals. Individuals just went for max time and distance. For us, one was on the L Sit while the other used the atlas stones. The atlas stone reps only counted as long as our partner was in the L Sit. They could fall out of it, but the rep wouldn’t count for the partner doing the shouldering. Kameron and I held our L Sits like champs and moved the atlas stones with ease. They were a lot of fun! We switched places after 30 seconds. The next part was the walk and carry. I started on the zercher carry and Kameron handstand walked. The catch on this part was only the shortest distance counted. I was pretty nervous about the zercher carry. I had heard terrible things. Once I picked up the bar, however, I knew I just needed to move further than Kameron. I made it 50 feet and he made it 45 feet on the handstand walk. We had a 30 second break and then I moved to the handstand and he went to the carry. We knew our score was going to be my handstand walk. So much pressure! I was tired and my arms were shaking, but I managed 19 feet. Unfortunately, you only got credit for every 5 feet you walked so my distance was 15 feet.  I have been working hard on that handstand walk and even though it was ugly, I made some good ground. We were second over all in this event by four feet…which means if I had made it that extra foot to 20 we would have won! We stayed in first overall.

Brad won WOD 4. He handstand walked a ridiculous 100 feet. So awesome to watch! This moved him to 5th overall and into the final event!

WOD 5: VOID = Really fun chipper…winner take all!

This chipper was basically a back and forth of 50 feet with movements in-between. We started with a barbell farmers walk (95/65), then 50 foot run, 50 air squats, 50 foot run, 40 hand release push ups, 50 foot run, 30 KB swings (70/55), 50 foot run, 20 Push Press (95/65), 50 foot run, 10 Box Jumps (36,28), 50 foot run, barbell farmers walk. Both of us did the entire WOD at the same time, but we could not move onto the next movement until our partner was done. Pretty much this meant we would be as fast as I could go. Kameron was one to two reps ahead of me on everything, except for the push press where I seemed to have been in la la land. We finished in 6:09. Won the WOD and won the event! It was such a great feeling. The “winner take all” element added a lot of fun into the mix. It didn’t matter what we did earlier, it only mattered what we did right then and there. We both knew we could win, but actually winning was really fantastic. Kameron was a great partner. So encouraging. We both really pulled our weight on all the WODs and complimented each others strengths and weaknesses. Brad ended up taking 2nd overall in the men’s competition. CrossFit OKC was represented well!

We met some fantastic people from all over the country. You will never feel more welcome around strangers than at a CrossFit event! Thank you to CrossFit Central for putting on such a great competition. They ran that thing like clock work.

Here we are with the winners. Daniel Tyminski (men’s winner), Me and Kameron, Amanda Schwartz (women’s winner), and Michael Winchester and Ingrid Kantola of CrossFit Central (event directors).

A big congrats to my other CrossFit family at CrossFit Jenks for winning the Heart of America Affiliate Competition this weekend! Way to go you guys! So proud!


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