Front Squat PR!

I’m very excited to be able to officially update my goals page with a new goal! On Saturday I hit a 200# front squat. Not only did I make the lift, but I made the lift easy. That is a 13# PR! I surprised myself. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. I have known I was 100% capable of lifting that weight. Now I know I’m 100% capable of lifting  a lot more than that weight.

In preparation for this weekend’s GODAI Elements competition in Texas, Kameron and I ran through WOD 2 and WOD 3 for practice. WOD 2 is a team total. We have twenty minutes to find our one rep maxes on shoulder press, front squat and deadlift. We have one bar to share, but can make as many attempts as we like within the time limit.

We decided to go through just to a heavy single, knowing we would go for more come competition time. Our goal was to just get a feel for our time and how we would transition. We got to the front squat and I did a three rep at 95# to loosen up. Then I went 135, 155, 175, 185. 185 felt super light (187# was my current max) so I just decided to throw 200# on the bar for fun to give it a whirl. I dropped down and bounced right back up. I didn’t even stick. It was one beautiful movement. Pretty sure I did a little dance per usual.

I didn’t try for heavier due to our time restraint in the WOD. I’m a big believer that if you are “maxing out” and you don’t end in failure then you didn’t really find your true max. Maybe that is true and maybe it isn’t, but for me if I don’t fail then I am always wondering what else I could have done. In a true max out situation I would have continued lifting.

My new goal is 215#. Hopefully I will hit that soon!


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