I’m a Yogi!


Today I went to my first yoga class in about six months. I say that like I used to be a regular “Yogi” (which is what they call people who do Yoga. I learned that today). I was on a kick back in March/April where I went about four times over the course of four weeks. I know, slow down!! As I talked about in my last post,  I will in some way, shape or form be tested on my flexibility during the GODAI competition. I keep chanting in my head, “No max sit and reach! No max sit and reach!”

It is time to get bendy!

Balance and flexibility are two of my weaker points. My hamstrings are just tight masses instead of strong, flexible muscle. I don’t stretch unless someone forces me. I’m a very bad student and example of how you should cool down after doing anything active. For some reason I think shaking my arms around and talking are sufficient ways to mobilize. Oops.

Today I headed to The Yoga Room OKC for my first Level 1 Yoga Flow class. After rereading the class descriptions, I’m pretty sure I ended up in the Vinyasa Flow class which is for Level 2 and 3 AND is heated to 90 degrees. I luckily found a spot right under the vent not aware of what was about to go down. Let’s just say it didn’t take me long to get warm!

Regardless of my skill level, this was an amazing class. I was able to hang with the class and I didn’t feel too far out of my element. How could I? Everyone was wearing Lulu! Right about the time I started thinking, “Please God let this be over soon”, we went into some nice stretching and breathing poses. My body needed everything they threw at me in that one hour. I felt my muscles loosen up the deeper we got into class and I felt so relaxed and revived when we were finished. I was also soaked with sweat….

Yoga is such a fabulous change of pace from my everyday training. I know my core is going to benefit tremendously as well as everything else.

Oh and did I mention they played Dave Matthews, Fleetwood Mac and other cool music during class? No Enya! Score!

What do you do for active recovery? I would love to hear insight!

Training Updates:

Yesterday was momentous for me in the squat department. My front squat max going into this cycle was 185. Yesterday I did this:

3 x 2 @ 187

3 x 1 @ 187

The goal was to go 6 x 2 @ 187, but I failed on the second rep of set 4 and then listened to my legs which did everything they could to rep out the last two singles. I’m feeling very positive about the gains I’m making! I keep telling myself that 200# is in my near future!

Another small victory for me….last night in gymnastics I did my first unspotted back handspring on a trampoline. First, don’t tell my husband because he will scold me for trying. Sorry Kody! It was SO much fun. I had been working on them into a foam pit two weeks prior. Last night was my second night to work back handsprings ever in my whole life! I did it once with a spotter and then over and over and over again by myself for about five minutes. I giggled the whole time. No, the skill itself probably won’t benefit me in CrossFit, however, they are a lot of fun and have taught me a lot of about how to move my body in awkward ways. Like I keep saying…body awareness! I’m becoming less fearful with the unknown.

I also handstand walked half way across the blue floor exercise mat last night. According to my google search, competition mats are 12 meters x 12 meters. This means I walked about 6 meters or 19.6850394 feet. It felt easy and I felt strong.

I love gymnastics.


One thought on “I’m a Yogi!

  1. Haha, funny Ginny! Shaking your arms and talking doesn’t count? I think your backhandspring work WILL help your CFing because you’re having fun with it! Nice work. I actually really like bridges for post workout stretching because they open up the shoulders and hips all at once- and they’ll keep you nice and agile for those backhandsprings.

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