Deep In The Heart of Texas

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Texas. It was my husband’s ten-year high school reunion. He grew up in the Fort Worth area and I absolutely love going back. I also have lots of CrossFit memories in Forth Worth. My first two regionals were held at GSX in the F-dub. This last year we were “rezoned” to North Central and ended up in Chicago instead. While we were down in Texas I got together with Candice Ruiz for a little lifting session.

Candice and I first competed with each other in the Oklahoma Sectional in 2010. I instantly thought she was awesome. I chased her all weekend. She ended up finishing first and I finished third. Ever since then she has been incredibly encouraging to me. She cheered me on at regionals that year even though I fell a bit short finishing three spots out of the top four to qualify for The 2010 Games. She won the event. Awesome.

I dropped in at Elite Spots Training in North Richland Hills where she trains for CrossFit Total. Ugh. I have not totaled in ages. I have maxed on my lifts recently, but not in a Total situation. I ended up matching my back squat (235), five under my shoulder press (100) and PR’ing my dead lift by five pounds (295). I failed at 245 on my back squat, but I know with fresh legs I will get it easy next time. It didn’t feel too heavy, I just had very little push out of the bottom. My legs said, “no thank you”. Even though my dead lift is still under 300 (frustrating!), I was very excited to PR after back squatting. 305 is mine next time. And then there is everyone’s favorite…the shoulder press.  My max is 105 so I went for 110, but failed miserably. Not a lot of hope for improvement there I am afraid, but I would love to get to 110 soon.

Everyone at EST was incredibly nice and welcoming. It is a fairly new box, but they have a great set up. They had tumbling mat in their larger space. A few of us played with handstands, handstand walks and other fun things after the Total. Very jealous! We were invited to stay for a social afterwards and enjoyed some delicious bison burgers. Yum. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend checking them out! The coaches, Ken and Chris, are great guys and know their stuff. I love getting new perspectives on my own technique for those who haven’t watched me over and over again. So helpful!

It was so much fun lifting with a fellow competitor. Candice is crazy strong and it was fun to watch in person. I would give anything to dead lift like she can! Plus, she gave me some really good tips on my butterfly pull ups.  I think it helped me out a lot.

Candice and I are both sponsored athletes with RokFit so we took a quick pic with the banner they have in their gym.

Sunday we headed to CrossFit Strong for the Level 1 test. When I became a certified trainer there was no test, so we had until the end of this year to get ours in. I saw a lot of familiar faces from Tulsa, OKC and Texas! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kody and I both passed.

After a long, fun weekend I’m happy to be back home. Tonight I will be participating in the Barbell for Boobs Grace event at CrossFit 405. Hopefully she will be kind….


Friday – “Stacey” 150 squats, 2000m row, 150 squat then 1200 yard swim

Monday – Back Squats 10×3 @ 195


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