Franny, Fran, Fran

Last night was Fran night at the gym. It was electric. It was intense. You could cut the anticipation with a knife. There were a lot of first time Franers and a lot of first time Rx’d Franers. So cool.

Just imagine this thing covered with CrossFitters with looks of pure joy and excitement on their faces…..errr….something like that.

I personally adore Fran. I get this really nervous feeling every time I do it. I get jittery and feel like I want to puke. It is the only WOD that makes me feel that way, but I’m excited. Last night was no different. Pure terror/exhilaration.

I think my first Rx’d Fran took me about 6 minutes. Next time it was around 5 and then I bounced around in the 4’s for a while. I distinctly remember getting my first sub 4 Fran. It as about a month or two before the 2010 regional. 3:31 if I remember correctly. I didn’t do Fran again until Cupid’s Revenge this past February at CrossFit OKC and got into the 3:20 range. Ever since then I have been dying to break 3 minutes. My goal is 2:59. Last night I felt so close, yet so far away.

I was excited to try out my butterfly. I’ve been working on it hard, but knew I would probably transfer to the kip at some point during all sets. My pull ups did not go how I wanted them to go at all. They were in one word, awful. I only made it in with about five butterfly and then my timing got off big time. I used my leg to stop my swing on the bar by reaching it out to the post, then I hung there and then started back into a kip. Seriously? I’m pretty good at wasting time doing stupid things. Last night was no exception!

The funny thing is, I still PR’ed. 3:11. I was really happy with it and then really annoyed with it at the same time. I know I wasted a good twenty seconds doing nothing. I was never trying to catch my breath. I wasn’t struggling to get through the thrusters or ever near failure the pull ups. I was just flat-out being wasteful with my time. I took my time walking to my bar. I never squat cleaned into the thruster. I would look up at stare at the bar before jumping on my pull ups. I have the proof on video thanks to our videographer, Kody.  I broke my pull ups once on 15….the stupid 15. It gets me every time. 10 and 5. I have only done an unbroken Fran once. I was in the 4 minute range then. Kind of funny.

So what did I learn?

  • I need to work more on butterfly pull ups. specifically, doing more long sets so I get used to them when I am more fatigued.
  • Squat clean into the thruster. I never like to do this with a thruster or front squat at lighter weight. I always end up feeling off balance out of the squat which is so strange. I must work on that.
  • I can be a whole lot faster and that makes me giddy.
  • I still really, really, really like Fran.
  • Our gym is full of awesome rock stars like Angela who did her first female RX’ed Fran, Jo and Kristen who both PR’ed, Miranda who PR’ed AND used more weight than her last Fran (awesome!), Bob who did it twice in one day and Tyler who did his first RX’ed Fran and went a whole minute faster than when he used 20# less in July!

Way to work OKC’ers! Keep on keepin’ on!


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