Recipes, Rips and Recovery

This arrived at my home on Tuesday!

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I have vowed to my husband to try to make two meals a week. I will post on the outcomes as I go through the book. I’m not even sure where to start because everything looks so delicious. I’m especially excited to try the coconut flour tortillas. You can order it on Amazon here. We will be getting a group of CrossFit OKC ladies together soon for a cooking night. Stay tuned!

I did a little paleo comfort cooking on my own without a recipe yesterday. I had a dozen eggs that I needed to use so I threw together a nice little casserole dish.

Mix a dozen eggs and add pre-cooked turkey sausage and chopped asparagus. Pour in a 8×8 glass baking dish. Bake for twenty minutes. Done! Now I have breakfast made for the next few days. Easy and delicious.

Yesterday I had a date with Cindy. Cindy, along with Fran and Fight Gone Bad, is one of my favorite CrossFit WODs. It feels like a game. Steady wins the race. I have not PR’ed Cindy in probably two years. How sad is that? I am always within about five to ten reps of my PR. At least I’m consistent, right? She has been taunting me. Yesterday I FINALLY PR’ed….by a whopping four push ups. But hey, a PR is a PR! Considering I am at least five pounds heavier than when I set that PR, I’m a happy girl.

My hands are torn to shreds. For some reason I have had the worst problems with tearing the last couple months. I know part of it is because I’m trying to butterfly my pull ups. It is so frustrating. Even with grips or tape they still rip easily. I have decided my hands flat-out hate me. Jerks.

Yesterday was also a fun day for squatting, per usual.

Front squat 6×2 @ 182. This is three pounds under my 1RM. I nailed it twelve times. I’m really hoping to hit my 200# goal when I max out next! In your face four months ago me!

It other news…..

I’m very excited to announce that I am now an AdvoCare distributor! I have used the products in the Performance Elite line for about the last year and a half. I started with Nighttime Recovery and it has been a staple in my regimen ever since. I cannot live without it. If I got without for a week or so without it I can tell such a difference in how my body feels. Sluggish!  After that, I started using the Post-Workout Recovery frequently and have dabbled with other products here and there. I will post every now and then on how I think the products are working for me. If you are interested in any of them you can go to my site and check them out. Also, if any of you local CrossFitters want to try some samples, I will have a few items that you can try out in the next week or so to see if you like them such as Spark, Muscle Fuel and Post-Workout Recovery. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be pushing these on anyone, but if you ask me about them I can try to help you.

Whatever you do, whether it is a recovery drink or just a good protein/carb mix after your workout, get something in you to help you recover! There are a lot of good products out there so just do your research.


3 thoughts on “Recipes, Rips and Recovery

  1. The nighttime recovery is my favorite also. Did wonders for my sleep habits and got me back on track. It left me feeling rested unlike some of the other things I had tried that just knocked me out and left me struggling to hold my eyes open the next day… Great, great, great!
    Great job lady keep inspiring us 🙂

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