What a Bench!

I love when I see something I have been working on carry over to other aspects of my fitness. Incline bench is something we have added into some of our training at CrossFit OKC. I’m brand new to incline. I benched before, but not that often. I have had the incline as my Tuesday lift for about the past two months. I still feel awkward, but I am seeing the benefits!

I feel very “sturdy” in my handstand….on the wall and free-standing. Benefit.

Push ups feel great, even though I do believe they are a strength of mine. I have been able to maintain higher reps even though I haven’t been “training” them. Benefit.

Lastly, my wall balls feel better than they ever have. Benefit.

I actually have always liked wall balls. I wish I was a few inches taller when I they come around, but overall they are a fairly decent movement for me. Yesterday, I PR’ed Karen (150 Wall Ball Shots for Time) by just under a minute. 7:19. My shoulders never let me down. My legs didn’t feel the same way towards the end.

I felt great, but I know I could have been under 7 if I kept it together a bit more at the end. My rep scheme went 45-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-5-5-5-5-5-5-5 Done!

No, I don’t think I owe all of those things solely to incline bench, but I know it is helping!


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