Hey! I’m Not Afraid Anymore!

Admittedly, there are certain workouts that terrify me. Amanda is one of them. Amanda debuted during the 2010 CrossFit Games. 9-7-5 Muscles Ups and Squat Snatch (135/95). I remember trying it a few weeks after the games. It was a horrendous display. I scaled my muscle ups to 5-3-1 and had to take my snatch weight down to 85# after the first 9 reps. I remember rolling my barbell into the second room at CrossFit Jenks (where I was training when I lived in Tulsa) to finish because the next class was starting. I think it took me about 26 minutes. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry, but it made me think, “Do I really think I am competitive and strong enough to ever think I could go to the Games?”

I talked myself out of trying it again even as my muscle ups started stringing together and I got more comfortable with the squat snatch. I was scared. Finally, about three weeks before regionals I decided to give it a go. My goal was just to finish under 15 minutes. I ended up finishing in 11:48. I was so excited. I still hated every second of it, but I was proud of myself. I put up a fairly decent time…failed a few snatches, but that was OK. It was out of my system. Done. Never again…or so I thought.

When the workouts for the 2011 Regional were released I just started laughing. The only thing I did NOT want to see was a max rep snatch or a heavy squat snatch. 95# is heavy. And there it was….the first WOD of Sunday morning…AMANDA. I was nervous as all get out. I knew I had finished it before, but I wasn’t sure how I would do after everything we had already done that weekend. I completed it in about 12:30 at regionals. I was so excited to finish it under the time cut after the two grueling days before. If I never saw Amanda again I would be happy.

My husband has been encouraging me to try it again since I have been working on the squat snatch so much. This past Friday, I decided to give it another go. I had not been on the rings for a WOD in at least five weeks. I could tell. However, it went great! I PR’ed by over two minutes. 9:47! The snatches felt good, even though they still make my legs scream. I was all singles on the muscle ups during the rounds of 7 and 5, but I expected that since I hadn’t done them in a while. Guess what? Amanda terrifies me no more. I know I can get into the 7 minute range. I missed one snatch and spent far too much time gazing at the rings before I jumped to them. I actually almost….had fun. I. Feel. Confident.

What WOD scares you? Go tackle it! It will only beat you if you let it.

Squat training update:

Front Squats: 10×3 @ 170  Failed on 3rd rep of 9th set. Did not finish 10th set.

Back Squats: 10×3 @ 187

Front Squats 10×3 @ 175 Failed on 3rd rep of 9th set again. Finished with 145 on 10th set. My legs were demolished.

Today: Back Squats 10×2 @ 210. These felt so light and amazing. I can’t wait to max out when this is over!

Back squats and front squats are so different. Back squats make me sore. I feel them the next day. Front squats just destroy every part of my being. During the set, after the sets, later in the day….destroy. However, I’m not that sore the next day, which I like. Weird. I get to go down to 155 for my next set of front squats. Heaven!

Lastly, I ran my first 5K in maybe a year on Saturday. It was on grass and constant hills. Lots of curves. I was slow. 26:43 (I think). It was at least two minutes slower than I wanted to be. I kept a great pace my first two miles, considering the course, and then it was all downhill….except for on the actual course. Although my sprint running is getting better, my endurance running (yes, I now consider a 5K run endurance) is not where it needs to be. This means a I will be adding a longer run in each week as long as my body says it is OK. I’m going to give myself a few weeks and then find a nice 5K road race to give myself a better indicator for my running. YAY!


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