Fight Gone Bad

Saturday was Fight Gone Bad everywhere in CrossFit World. We had an amazing turnout at CrossFit OKC. There were over 150 competitors! I kind of gasp just looking at that number. We had heats going from 9AM until just after 12PM. I have got to say, I have been in a lot of great gyms and CrossFit areas before, but I haven’t seen an area come together like the Oklahoma City area CrossFit gyms. Very cool! Thanks to Edmond CrossFit, CrossFit 405, CrossFit Exile, CrossFit Complete, CrossFit Ground Zero and CrossFit Native for participating! If I missed anyone I sincerely apologize!

Fight Gone Bad, 3 rounds for total reps of:

1 min max rep wall balls (20/14)

1 min max rep sumo dead lift high pull (75/55)

1 min max rep box jump 20 inch box

1 min max rep push press (75/55)

1 min max calorie row

1 min rest

There were a lot of regulars (i.e. those of us who compete all the time) and a lot of newbies.  I saw so many people doing Fight Gone Bad for the first time OR doing it for the first time as Rx’d! A lot of people surprised themselves and there were some amazing scores. We had a packed house cheering for a solid three hours. I don’t think a single person there felt like they didn’t have someone cheering for them.

I love Fight Gone Bad. I like the strategy behind it and the mental will it takes to keep going. The weight is light so you can keep moving, it is just a matter of far can you push yourself? I PR’ed by about eight reps and was just eight reps shy of my goal! Next time I know I will hit it. A big shout out to my girl Kristen Dolf who broke 300 for the first time! And also to a few of the ladies from our 9AM class, Andrea, Terri and Sarah who all competed for the first time and killed it! I know they were hesitant and first, but did a phenomenal job. So proud!

In training news…..

These squats are about to kill me. I think the love/hate relationship is becoming more of a tolerate/hate relationship. I got a bit off last week so I’m making up ground this week. Last week I made it through my back squats 10×3 @ 205. I’m looking foward to my next back squat set. I get to drop to 188 on Wednesday for a 10×3 which sounds so light after going through it at 205. Lovely.This morning was front squats. 10×3 @ 170. I failed on my third rep in my 9th set. Ugh.  I was pretty pleased though. I felt good until about set seven. Then it  was downhill very fast.  I’m working on keeping more of a grip on the bar during my front squat instead of rolling it back on my finger tips. This helps simulate more of what it will feel like coming out of the squat clean. It was a good tip from Cole that is helping out a lot on my cleans!

I rested about ten minutes and then went through my WOD for the day. It was a main site WOD from a few weeks ago. I definitely should have rested a bit longer…my back was not too happy with me!

15-12-9-6-3  Power Clean 95# and Bar Facing Burpees  Time: 7:15

Me and bar facing burpees do not get along in any way, shape or form. I’m not quick off my feet like I need to be so this was a good one for me to go through. I was about a minute slower than I wanted to be, but I’ll take it.  Tonight I’m going to my first adult gymnastic’s class! I will post on that tomorrow. I did an intro class last week that was fantastic. I can’t wait to see what we do tonight!

This is where all the fun goes down when I’m not at CrossFit OKC. This is CrossFit King aka my garage. We have just about everything you need minus a good place for wall balls.


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