Obligatory Food Post

As some of you may know, I wrote a paleo blog for two years. It was fun for the first six months and then I got bored and very sporadic in my posts. Funny thing however, I noticed a direct correlation between my posts and eating habits. If I was eating well, I posted. If was eating junk, I didn’t. That is one reason I love having a blog…it keeps me accountable!

I’ve become much healthier in the way I view food in the last few years. I LOVE to eat. I love eating healthy things and I love eating not as healthy things. I do my best to keep it healthy at home. I admit, we go out to eat more than I like, but sometimes cooking just isn’t going to happen. Especially if I have to use a stove and it is 100+ degrees outside.

A staple in our diet is turkey. Kody was not a huge fan when I started using turkey meat in chili instead of regular beef when we first got married. I had to trick him and not show him the packaging. If he didn’t see it, then he didn’t notice a difference. Boys are so silly. Thankfully, he isn’t too picky so it isn’t much of a battle.

I get bored with food very fast. I’m the person that never knows what I want to eat, I just know I’m hungry and need to eat. First, chicken got boring so I started making a lot more pork. Then pork got boring so I’ve been back on turkey. Now turkey is getting boring again, until I found this! Honeysuckle White Turkey is making Italian Meatballs. WOOHOO! I’m sure it would be better if I made them on my own, but frankly I don’t always have time. These things were great. Super fast. I just threw them on the skilled with a little olive oil until they were hot. I found these at Crest in Edmond.

They would be good with any side veggie dish, you could put them on top of zucchini noodles (another King home favorite), or mix them in with cabbage and onions like I did last night. De-Lish!

Now that the weather is cooling off I’m looking forward to more quality time with my stove top and oven. I think my body with thank me. Happy cooking!


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