Feel the Burn

I. Love. Squatting.

I have always been naturally stronger in my lower body than my upper body. My legs just hold together better than my shoulders when it comes to fatigue. This is one reason I love to squat and I despise handstand push ups (however, those are getting a lot better!) I also love to squat because I see so much benefit in other parts of my fitness. Just from squatting I see my rowing times go down, my dead lift numbers go up, and my clean and snatch pulls feel light as a feather.

 A month ago I started another round of the Burgener squat program. I did my first round starting last October through December.  I back squat and front squat every week. Typically back squat on Monday and front squat on Friday. Low rep, heavy weight, lots of sets. Twelve weeks. Awesome.

I took last week off from squatting anything super heavy, with the exception of my olympic lifting on Wednesday when I worked squat cleans. I kept those “lighter”. As much as I hate to take a week of from the heavy stuff, it is incredibly fabulous to give your legs a little break! I started back up yesterday into week four of the program with a 10×3 back squat @ 198. The previous week I had been at 191 and those felt a little heavy so I was nervous about the jump yesterday. Thankfully, they felt awesome.

I give myself thirty minutes to get through the set. Basically, three minutes per round. I think it is important to sit in between sets and give myself some actual recovery time when it gets heavy. I’m a talker and a socializer so forcing myself to sit is hard, but needed.

Yesterday, our gym did “McGhee” for a Labor Day hero WOD. 30 minute AMRAP 5 Dead Lifts, 13 Push Ups and 9 Box Jumps. Let’s just say I’m feeling it today, but it was a great WOD.   I got 21 rounds at 2 push ups into 22. That means I did 110 dead lifts @ 185, 275 push ups and 189 box jumps. I love starting the week off with a bang.

If anyone is interested in the squat program let me know and I would be happy to pass along the details!


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