Get Your Charity On

There are a lot of things I love about CrossFit. The main one being the community. My husband and I have moved quite a few times over the last few years and no matter where we have been, our new CrossFit gym has felt like home. People are willing to help you when you need it and make you feel like one of the gang instantly.

Last weekend I witnessed a great act of community and charity. A huge group gathered at CrossFit 405 in downtown OKC for “Burpess for Boobs Presents Helen Meets Grace”. Yes, a partner workout that involved both Helen and Grace…two CrossFit goodies with a twist. Here was the WOD:

50 Burpees, then Helen, then Grace, then 50 Burpees. Awesome. We were in teams of two. Partners could split up reps however they wanted, but both had to run all three 400 m runs during Helen. Lots-O-Fun.

The event was put on by Burpees for Boobs. It is a phenomenal charity raising money for Mammograms in Action. The event raised over $5,000 in six short hours. It is simply amazing to me what our community can do when we all come together. 

This is our CrossFit OKC team post Helen Meets Grace. A sight of beauty!

This coming weekend, Labor Day weekend, more CrossFit’s all over the country are coming together to honor those that were killed on August 6th in Afghanistan. 31 Heroes. This is very near and dear to my heart as I have many family members currently serving in the military and have known Navy SEALS. The money raised will benefit the Navy SEALS Foundation which helps families of fallen heroes.

Lastly this month we have Fight Gone Bad 6! Fight Gone Bad is one of my favorite CrossFit WODs. Some people tell me that makes me sick, but oh well. On September 17th CrossFitters will gather to go through seventeen minutes of pain. We all have fundraising pages and have made a fundraising goal. Again, the proceeds are going to worthy causes that support our military, their families and children. You can donate to my Fight Gone Bad team here.

I will gladly give up a few hours on my Saturday to give thanks to those who have given their life for me and my family. I’m so thankful for those who dedicate their life to service. They are special people. It is easy to get lost in daily life. Work, family, friends, finances, training, etc. Remember how lucky you are to be able to have the freedom to workout when you want and wear whatever you please. Remember how lucky you are to be able to move and walk on two legs. When you feel the urge to stop in a workout, remember how many people would give anything to be able to do a fraction of what you can do. Stay strong!

These are always fun events, but don’t forget why you are there and the people it is benefiting. Find a box. Participate. Have fun. Take time to think about those who have lost their lives. Keep training hard.


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