Everyday Can’t be a PR Day!

As much as I hate to agree with the title of this post, it is true. Not everyday can be a PR day. That doesn’t mean you can’t try your hardest everyday, but you might not always get the result you want or hope for everyday.

This summer has been hot. I mean smoking. Almost unbearable to a point here in the great state of Oklahoma. We have hit 52 days of 100+ degree weather. I grew up in Oklahoma so the summer heat is something I am used to. It doesn’t meant I like it, but I expect it and I have to deal with it. When I was in college I would go run at noon in the summer because I thought I got a better workout if I was about to keel over and die from the heat at the end. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

That was stupid. Pushing yourself to a point of sickness and heat exhaustion is not something to be proud of and brag about. Just like tearing your hands! You have to take care of yourself, people!

I, of course, am not always the best follower of what I preach. Yesterday is proof of that. I have been killing myself the past few weeks in the gym. Lifting heaving in the morning, sometimes doing one or two WODs during the day and getting in some much-needed skill work all in this awful heat.  At the end of the day when I sit back and look at everything I did I feel accomplished, but also surprised at what I was able to fit it all in and survive. When did I recover? Did I eat enough? Am I letting my body heal and hydrate in the crazy heat?

Last night my body had enough. It was ticked off at me. I knew it before my WOD started. Filthy Fifty. A beast of workout. Ten movements, fifty reps of each. A marathon chipper at it’s finest! I felt off. Very off. Moving from movement to movement everything felt OK, but I didn’t feel like me. I couldn’t push myself. I would try to tell myself to keep moving and my body would say, “No thank you”. Boo. Then 35 burpees into my 50 I “got sick”, the kind that had me going outside and bending over grass every five burpess just in case. Awful.

I finished. Probably still dumb. I sat for 45 minutes post WOD before I felt OK to drive home. Out of it doesn’t really begin to explain how I felt. I don’t ever want to feel like that again.

So, why am I writing this marathon of a post just to tell you I got sick last night during a WOD? Listen to your body! Last night I should have said, thanks, but not thanks. I didn’t. You might have great plans for the week. You might think you are doing yourself a disservice if you skip out on a WOD or lift because you feel off.  Sometimes it is best to just go with how you feel. If you can’t push 100%, don’t! You don’t have to PR everyday. Don’t be prideful. It is hot. It is humid. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about keeping up with everyone else if you know it isn’t in your best interest. Sometimes it isn’t that is A-OK.

Be smart in the gym.

Here are a few tips for working out in the heat:

  1. Drink water ALL day! Not just at the gym. You must hydrate throughout the day!
  2. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Make sure it is breathable.
  3. Get in the gym early in the day if you can.
  4. If you feel dizzy, start cramping up or feel extreme fatigue STOP! Those can all be signs of overheating.

One thought on “Everyday Can’t be a PR Day!

  1. Love reading your thoughts, Ginny! And yes, easier to say than do when it comes to listening to your body. Sometimes it is hard for me to distinguish when I’m really needing recovery and when I’m just being lazy.

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